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Tools for Public Speaking, Mevo Unboxing and Personal Apology

Tools for public speaking and Mevo.

All right. We’re going to talk about a bunch of stuff today, but I want to start by apologizing for my lack of posting any new content for almost all of 2018. I went through some very big personal issues. I got divorced, I had to move, and at the exact same time my business exploded in growth. So you put those things together and I just have had not enough time to put out good content. 

But we’re setting ourselves up for 2019 to make sure we put out stuff that you find valuable and useful. So I appreciate everybody’s patience. And we’re also changing our business. So you know I have the top podcasts in the oil and gas industry, and that business is growing. But modalpoint, my old market research business has now changed and is now my speaking platform. So I now get paid to speak.

Along those lines, we’re going to start talking about some tools for public speaking. That’s what we’re going to be talking about today actually. So I appreciate everybody’s patience. I promise you come 2019 we’ll start posting more good stuff like this tools for public speaking on a much more regular basis. 

Tools for Public Speaking – Live Streaming

Tools for public speaking

So, let’s talk about life as a public speaker and let’s talk about some tools or some of things you may need to accomplish. So one of those things is live streaming. You know with the growth of social media, if you can pick and choose which one of your public speaking events that you like, it may actually help you market your public speaking business.

Now the problem with that is how do you actually do it? We have tried all kinds of tools for public speaking. I have special preamps and microphones that we plug into, dynamic audio mixers that feed into our smartphones and our tablets. We’ve done a couple of live streams like that that you’ve seen the audio is really good, the video not so much. And believe it or not, that’s the combination if you had to pick one that you would want. You never want bad audio. You can have okay video and great audio and you’re fine, people watch it and get value out of it. If you have bad audio and good video, they stop watching immediately. 

The other thing is you have to think about cost. You can get a professional crew out there. It will cost you around five grand and they will have multiple cameras and a bunch of software and good audio equipment. They will  live stream your event like a pro. If you don’t want to spend that time or money, or if you don’t have the time to find where those companies are. You need to know how to do it yourself. We have yet to figure out the magic solution.

Magic or Not – Mevo

One of the things that we’re trying, which is the subject of this video is the Mevo Plus. The Mevo Plus is basically a camera crew in a box is how they pitch it. We liked what we saw. We’re going to do some unboxing and and then show you the video and audio from the Mevo Plus. We think this might be a great tool for public speaking.

Now this video and this audio that you’re listening to right now is shot on an iPhone 8 using app called FiLMic Pro. And don’t worry, we’ll put links to all the stuff in the show notes including the Mevo stuff, so you can just click and go check it out.

If you’re watching this somewhere other than the modalpoint blog, you need to go find this post on the blog. That’s the only place that all the back links will be. It’s not going to be at YouTube or anywhere else.

Anyway the video we’re shooting right now is being done with my iPhone 8 using an app called FiLMic Pro. And then the microphone we’re using is the Samson Go Mic Mobile, a wireless lav. You can probably see the lav right here. It took me a long time to find a wireless microphone that I liked, that worked well with my iPhone. I shoot everything on my iPhone. Every video you ever watched me do, it’s all been shot in my iPhone. We’ll give you a glimpse of what that looks like as well.

Unboxing Time

So, this is perfect point, let’s move over to the unboxing of the Mevo. 

All right. So, I bought the complete Mevo Plus Kit. We’re going to go ahead and unbox it now. I got the actual camera, the Mevo boost, this really cool carrying case, and this awesome tripod. We’re going to put the tripod and the carrying case aside for now and we’re just going to actually concentrate on the camera. Very nice wrapping, reminds me of Apple the way this thing is packaged. Let’s get our handy-dandy box opener out and let’s see what’s in the box.


And there it is, the Mevo camera. Look at it compared to my hand, how small this thing is. We open up the box and we have it looks like instructions, a USB cable, battery charger and the mount. The mount is what allows the Mevo Plus to be mounted to any tripod or microphone stand, which is actually a kinda nice touch. So, we’re going to stick that back in here and now, let’s get to the boost.

The boost is more than just an extra battery for the Mevo. The boost also allows you to connect external audio, to connect via Ethernet and a whole bunch of other things. It also gives you ten hours of battery life. So when you’re thinking of tools for public speaking, having that ability to go for ten hours without you having to worry about losing a battery is huge. And it’s really was not that much more money. Once again the packaging is exquisite. And there is the boost. And then, underneath the boost is quick start guide, more cables. So, let’s get this bad boy set up. 

All right. Now, that you’ve seen me unbox, let’s see what the video actually looks like on the Mevo. So we’re going to switch to the Mevo and let you see how that video looks and sounds.

Mevo See for Yourself

Here’s what the video and the actually looks like on the Mevo and sounds like. Like I told you I would give you a glimpse of what we shoot with now. If you look over here, this is my iPhone 8 set up and this is the Samsung Go Mic mobile receiver for the lav, and there’s various microphones you can attach to that. This is what we shoot all of our videos on. We love the camera on the iPhone, it’s super easy you always have it with you. 

Let’s get back to Mevo. Now, one of the things that you may notice and I’m holding my iPad. I’m holding my iPad to control the Mevo because you’re seeing this zoomed in. But the truth is if the Mevo wants to, it can see all of these. How incredible is that? So I go back to close-up on me. We can actually set this to pan around the room, if I want you to just look at my computer. It’s all intuitive and while you’re speaking, you can have somebody else control this. It’s very easy as it’s touch and drag, you can do all kinds of cool stuff. 

But, the thing that’s going to be interesting to see is what does this look like in a live setting when there’s other people, when there’s table noise, when there’s chairs, when there’s cars driving back and forth. Like I said we’re just testing this out. We think this is a good fit if you’re looking for tools for public speaking and to live stream. When you speak publicly, business-wise or whatever, this may be something you want to look into. 

More Tools for Public Speaking on the Way

Give me a couple of weeks working with this and using it as a tools for public speaking and I’m going to update everybody and let you know what we think. But this may be something you want to look into.

All right, so this is step one. We’re going to do a whole bunch of these. We unboxed the Mevo, we showed you a little bit, we’re going to start using it. We’ll update you as we get better at it. But, as far as tools for public speaking, here’s one that maybe useful for you. We’re going to do a whole series on tools for public speaking, so stay tuned for more. 

If you like this and you found it valuable, can you do me a favor? Share it, do the all company email thing or click the social buttons or just share this with your friends.

So, folks, I hope this helped. We will see you next time.

Marketing in Oil and Gas has Changed

Marketing in Oil and Gas has changed.

Marketing in oil and gas has changed. Now when I say marketing let me clarify here, because when the rest of the world thinks marketing it’s how you drive leads. Either to your sales team or to your point-of-sale.

In oil and gas there’s a downstream part of the business, and they have used the word marketing for years to mean the manufacturing and selling of downstream products. So this video isn’t about how you sell your lubes or fuels. We’re not talking that type of marketing; we’re talking about driving leads with marketing.

So, marketing in oil and gas has changed from bunch of reasons. We’re going to go through them now and see if we can help you.

First one, this new younger workforce. This new younger workforce learns and buys differently than previous generations by a large margin. They don’t read print at all (even if it’s free), so quit spending money on print ads. They don’t go to trade shows, conferences or expos to learn. And they don’t go to lunch-and-learns.

Webinars – Small ROI When Marketing in Oil and Gas

If you can even get them to join a webinar, the truth is they’re multitasking. And if your lucky you maybe get 10% of their attention span. All the stuff that worked great for my generation, it’s worthless with this new younger workforce when it comes to marketing in Oil and Gas.

Next thing, there is no decision maker anymore. So if your marketing team is putting together personas of ideal buyers, stop it. It doesn’t exist. That ideal buyer isn’t there anymore. It’s now a decision-making team made up of different people. And quite honestly unless you’re into heavy big data analytics, it’s hard to model the way a decision-making team interacts and makes decisions.

What you much better off doing, is making sure that you put your offering out there in a way that’s easy to understand in a short amount of time, that’s digestible and shows the value of fixing the problem that your product or solutions solves. That’s how you reach these new younger buyers more effectively.

Stop the Whitepaper’s

Next whitepaper’s suck. I hate to tell you that whitepaper’s suck, as I know you have a lot of time and effort invested in them. Remember when I said we had this new younger workforce, and they don’t read print? Well, that includes whitepapers. You’re better off taking that same efforts and resources you would use to create a white paper and instead make a video short. And on that video short, have one of your real clients talk about how you helped them solve a problem. Nothing about you, or your solution, or your company. But how you actually helped them solve a problem. Make that video less than three minutes and that’s your new white paper and its an awesome way to be marketing in Oil and Gas.

Content is Black Gold

Then content is the new black gold. If your website and  your online presence is still doing the old magazine style approach, where it’s basically an ad or catalog showcasing your products and services. Stop it! Start thinking about all the questions that your clients and prospects asks you. Everyone of those answers and questions are the subject for your content. Create some good content marketing around this and you are now producing black gold.

And yes it’s going to feel like you’re giving away stuff for free, stuff that you could charge for. But let me tell you, we’ve been doing this for years and it pays off times a zillion. Content is now the king of marketing in Oil and Gas. Get your teams out there to start creating content that’s useful, valuable and easy to consume,  and you’ll be way ahead of everybody else.

Engagement Beats Exposure

Then engagement beats exposure every time. It used to be your marketing team would go back and look at all the likes and new page views they generated. In todays world in marketing in Oil and Gas, that doesn’t matter. Let me tell you what matters – engagement. I would rather have one person interact with my online presence and buy from me, than a hundred thousand people that come but never buy from me.

Marketing in Oil and Gas

That’s engagement, the one person that interacts and buys from me. The thousands of people that come and don’t ever reach out to me, that’s a waste of my time. So quit looking at data and numbers about driving a lot of traffic, and instead look at how much you are driving engagement. How much is your marketing in Oil and Gas helping prospects engage with your sales team. So engagement beats exposure every single time.

It Doesn’t Work When Marketing in Oil and Gas

Then here’s one you have to be really careful of. What works as far as marketing in other verticals, probably doesn’t work the same or maybe not in oil and gas. I’ll give you a great example. There’s a lot of companies out there doing a lot of really good work with paid Facebook ads, selling a lot of products and services. I’m going to tell you right now, nobody in this industry will ever buy a blowout preventer, a tree or a PLET from Facebook. It just doesn’t work.

So when you’re looking at your marketing strategy, or maybe bringing in some marketing consultants, Just know that because they’ve been successful somewhere else, don’t think they can take that same success and forklift into marketing in Oil and Gas. Because quite honestly, it doesn’t work and they will fail.

Marketing in Oil and Gas Should Rely Less on Exhibiting

Then exhibiting, actually spending your money to exhibit at a trade show, conference, expo, etc. it works less and less each year.  And we no longer recommend it when marketing in Oil and Gas. But you know what does work? Speaking. Let me give you perfect example. I was asked to speak at a technology trade show, and I gave really good value for the money (I got paid to do it). What I spoke about was how sales is changing in Oil and Gas. Well if you think about that, everybody that came to listen to me had an interest in learning why sales is changing.

Of the thirty seven people that listened to me speak, twenty of them reached back out to me. Why? Because as I was speaking I was effectively able to have twenty one sales calls in an hour,  based upon having a room full of people listing to me. Versus me trying to go set up appointments and going to meet these 20  people one on one. So getting on the speaking circle in oil and gas is awesome and can be extremely rewarding. But exhibiting every year, it’s less and less a good return on your investment.

Thought Leader is Your Goal

Then being seen as a thought leader, is way better than spending big bucks. I know a lot of oil and gas companies have spent a lot of money in their marketing efforts. And honestly they could take a tenth of that spend, figure out how to position themselves as a thought leader and be way ahead of their competitors. Now they’re no longer a vendor, they are a thought leader. That drives a totally different engagement model and the leads start pouring in.

What happens is when you’re seen as a thought leader, you’re seen as the expert. So beating you up on price, features or functionality just goes away. So being a thought leader is much better than have big dollar marketing budget spend.

Marketing Automation is a Must

Then pay attention please, marketing automation – you got to learn it and use it or you’re going to disappear. The world is speeding up. Buyers are consuming information around products and services faster and faster. You have artificial intelligence, you have bots, you have some very advanced algorithms shuffling things around. I mean look at your Facebook feed, Google, or any another social platform. Pay attention to the ads and stories it shows you. You have to learn how to do the same thing. And I don’t necessarily mean you, but your company has to learn how to do that and use it effectively. If not, you’re going to be left behind. It’s marketing automation is coming at us like a freight train.

SEO and SER is Vital When Marketing in Oil and Gas

And then the last one, search engine results is the new lead driver. Go open your browser of choice right now, and type in oil and gas keynote speaker. Type in oil and gas speakers, type in oil and gas sales experts, you’ll see me come up number one. Think about what that does. Anybody on the planet that looks at that sees me first, and they reach out to me. That drives all of my leads for my business. And it does it really well.

So just remember you can’t fool Google, you have to put good, relative, useful and easy to consume content out there. But search engine ranking is a new way to drive leads. We spoke at GeoConvention last year, and we did the research beforehand and searches online for supply chain has grown 1700% in the last four years. Why? Because the old guys that used to know who their valve vendors were, that had and used paper catalogs, they’re gone. The new guy who is part of this new younger workforce, when his manager says “Hey, give me some one-inch ball valves”, the first thing he does is he Googles it. So your search engine rankings are dramatically important.

Right now if you don’t rank well for what you’re doing, you’re in an okay place. But what’s really happening is you’re getting ready to get left behind by new, quicker and more nimble competitor of yours. One that you may not even be aware of today and that you may not even see coming. And once they grab that number one or two spot, it’s really hard for you to get it back. So SEO (search engine optimization) and  SER (search engine ranking) is a new lead driver.

I’d Love to Help You

I hope this helped. If you like what we’re doing and you would like me to come speak to your group, let me know. Just reach out by clicking here and I would be happy to share details.

Folks, I hope this helped. We will see you next time.

Business Speakers in Houston, TX. How to Find the Best

How to find the top business speakers in Houston.





All right. Today, top business speakers in Houston, Texas. You know we speak all over the country, and all over the world really in the oil and gas patch. And one of the things I get a lot from companies and organizations is how do you find the top business speakers here in Houston? The speakers in Houston that will make a difference for your event.

And we’re going to give you a couple of ideas that we’ve learned through trial and error and experience.

So this is a big one don’t look for speakers – look for ideas. And don’t look for ideas that necessarily go along with whatever your company’s culture is, think outside the box. Look for ideas that may be different that what your company culture may align with. Not adversarial, but different.

New is Awesome

Look at all the new stuff that’s coming out. These types of ideas are exciting and they’re fun and this is what an audience wants to hear. Whether they agree with it one hundred and ten percent or not, it doesn’t matter.

Think about the TED Talks. I love the TED Talks. Do I agree with most of what I hear? Not always. But it’s done very well and I love the idea. The idea is outside of the box or normal culture. So when you think about finding a business speakers in Houston think about the idea, not the speaker.

Where to Find Business Speakers in Houston?

Here’s another big thing – where to look? You can go online and find a bunch of speaker aggregate websites out there where they have a whole bunch of different speakers, that they quite honestly don’t know or don’t know very well. They just allow the speakers to submit their information, so you can go to it and have a one-stop shop.

That may be fine for big box retail or legal or medical, but for oil and gas it’s different. You need to be one of us, right? It doesn’t matter how great a speaker you are in other parts of the world, our other industries. But if you cannot relate to oil and gas, it just won’t go over very well and will most probably simple not work.

So when you start to think about places to look for business speakers in Houston, number one, look in your local communities. Look at what’s going on in the Houston area, look who’s speaking at other places. All that stuff is public and available online. You can keep track of them.

Look at Oil and Gas Events

Other thing is look at the big oil and gas events and conferences. They have a ton of speakers that after the conference is over, you can go back and listen to this speaker. Or at least watch part of it. That’s a very good way to find a speaker. Also think about publications. As much as I hate to admit it, print is still somewhat important in oil and gas. So there’s another place to find business speakers in Houston.

And then finally, ask your peers. The people that have done events in oil and gas that have brought speakers in, especially business speakers in Houston. They will  have a feel of what’s going on out there, who is good and who is not. So that’s a good place to look and find your speakers.

Speakers in Houston Need to Fit

Business Speakers in Houston

Then you need to make sure that your speaker fits. So if you’re doing a company event, and it’s a sales and marketing kickoff for the year. You’re trying to bring a speaker in that motivates your sales and marketing people, or maybe gives them a different way to look at things or some insights into what other sales and marketing people have to deal with.

That would be a perfect fit for a sales and marketing event. But that same speaker will be horrible if you’re doing a product kickoff. For a product kickoff, you want to have somebody onboard that understands about whatever that product is. Let’s say it’s new measurement while drilling, who can you bring to speak about measurement while drilling? You need to make sure the speaker fits the actual event.

If you’re doing a conference or an expo, you don’t want a downstream speaker to come speak to an upstream conference. And if you don’t know the difference between upstream and downstream, here is a link that explains the difference. Especially if you’re putting on a conference, what is your anticipated audience? You need a speaker that fits the anticipated audience.

An Emcee is a Must

Also make sure you have an emcee. This is something I see so many people mess up on. An emcee is not there to make everybody happy or joke around, although that is part of what they do. The emcee is like the director of a movie. The emcee is the one there that will cut a speaker short when they’re running over time, will ask for the last question to make sure the questions don’t run over the next speaker. If the speaker finishes early, the emcee fills in. The emcee directs the whole thing, it’s like an orchestra.

It’s actually really hard to find a good emcees in the oil and gas industry. We actually do have quite a lot. I’m not bragging, but if you need help with an emcee reach out to me. I’d be happy to help you.

Then after you have all these stuff put together, and if you known me for any length of time you know what I’m going to say. You have to have a game plan. Literally get a piece of paper, write out a dozen bullet points, where you’re going to start, where you’re going to end, and all the stuff in the middle. Then you can figure out where the slots are, that the speaker fits in.

Use the Business Speakers in Houston Twice

Lastly one of the things that’s actually really beneficial, especially if you’re doing like a small to mid size event. Have the speaker come in at whatever time you want, but don’t take any questions. Have him/her finish and let the audience know there will be questions later at the end of the conference or expo. This will help people have a motivation to stay to the very end of the event, then come back and ask questions. And for you for the same dollars that you spend on speaker, you actually get to use that money twice. Once when he/she speaks and once he/she does Q&A at the end of the session.

Share Please, for Some Great Karma

If you like everything I’ve just talked about, if it has helped you find business speakers in Houston. Can you do me a favor and share this? All it takes is a simple social share and help us get the word out. This allows you to help your peers, who also may be looking for a business speaker in Houston.

So, hopefully this helped. We will see you next time.     

Oil and Gas Predictions for 2018

Oil and Gas Predictions for 2018

Hey, folks it’s that time…Oil and Gas Predictions for 2018.

We’ve done this since 2014 (2015, 2016, 2017), and we went back and looked and we have about a 75% success ratio. Which is actually pretty good, considering we aren’t professional analysts. But we do get this information from our clients and also the research we do all year long. So are you ready?

Number one. Online searches. Up until recently it didn’t matter if your company made 1-inch ball valves, if you showed up on Google. Surprisingly we’ve done the research and from 2014 to the end of 2016, online supply chain searches in oil and gas globally have grown 1700%. That’s right, 1700%.

Why? The old guy in the warehouse who knew where the 1-inch ball valves were, he didn’t go online and look for anything. If his boss told him to get some, he had vendor A, B, and C because he’s played golf with them for the past twenty years. They went out drinking, dinner, hunting, fishing and so on. So he knew where to get the ball valves. And if for some reason his vendors couldn’t supply him, he had a stack of paper catalogs he’d looked through. Well now he is gone. He’s taken the package or he’s retired. The new young person right out of school that took his job, when his boss says get me 1-inch ball valves, first thing he does is look for it on Google.

If your company doesn’t have a strategy to show up in organic search — searches for whatever your company does. Whether it’s a process, a service, parts, whatever. If you don’t show up in online searches, that it’s going to start hurting your business now. And you’re going to lose large chunks of your business in the future.

Online Searches-Vital for Oil and Gas Predictions for 2018

I know several large (and I mean really large) oil and gas service companies that are aware of this, and they’re working on it right now. Now the cool thing is if you’re a small company, you can pull ahead of these larger companies. If you go online right now and search for oil and gas sales experts, you’ll see me, modalpoint dominate huge multi-billion dollar companies, because we understand the importance of this. If you want to see some really extra cool, go search for oil and gas speaker and see who comes up number one.  So that’s the first one for Oil and Gas Predictions for 2018, online searches.

Number two. This new younger workforce; they act and think differently. We talked about number one. This new younger workforce is coming in and they’re going to expect consumer grade technology. No matter how well you treat them, no matter what type of path to future success they have, they’re not work for your company for 20 or 30 years because they want different work experiences. Just the paycheck isn’t enough for them. They want to make a difference and they want to understand what’s going on, and play a part.

So this new younger workforce is coming in and it’s coming very fast. Right now, about 33% of the oil and gas workforce here and Europe are under the age of 35. In five years, this will be 70%.  You have no choice, they’re coming and that’s who’s going to be running our industry. You got to get used to it, but that’s one of our oil and gas predictions for 2018.

Labor Shortage (No Really)

And then, everybody is going to think I’m crazy. Remember, last year I called the — the inflation on land at the very end of 2017 which is going on right now, so we got that one right.

So number three. Labor shortage. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know we’ve had a bunch of layoffs in industry especially upstream and the service companies, but we’re facing a labor shortage; skilled labor, unskilled labor, managerial, project managers, engineers. There are simply not enough young people going to school to supply the need that we have.

So, one of two things are going to happen. You will see a price war breakout, which is never good for our industry. Or we’re going to have to look at ways of running our business with less people, and that’s an interesting way to go. We think there’s going to be a technology play there so we are keeping an eye on that. So, number three is labor shortages.

Number four for Oil and  Gas Predictions for 2018. Changing buyer behavior. If you’ve been in sales in oil and gas, you’ve always looked for the “decision-maker”. Well he doesn’t exist anymore. It’s now a decision making team. And what used to be a linear track from discovery to close is now all convoluted, because all the different decisions have to be made by different groups of different people. If your sales and marketing organization doesn’t understand how that’s changing, you’re going to get left behind. So change in buyer behavior is number four.

Then, number five. We’ve hit the valley of negative public perception. We think 2018 the public perception of oil and gas (which is not good right now) will hit rock bottom. It’s interesting, of the millennials about 13% think of oil and gas in a positive way. The generation, the one right behind them, it’s a negative 3.5%. Come on people, as an industry we have to change that.

We have several oil and gas podcast and that’s our mission on the podcast. Its to help change the young people in the world’s opinion of this great industry (see bottom of this page). And we think in 2018, we’re going to hit the bottom of that negative public perception. And then we will start coming back up. We’re starting to finally understand how to use social media. And the world at large is starting to understand the prosperity that we bring with cheap, abundant, reliable energy. So rock bottom public perception and starting to reverse that trend is an Oil and  Gas Predictions for 2018.

Oil and Gas Predictions for 2018 – New Business Models

Then new business models. Come on, Schlumberger is now an operator? You have pipeline companies that are actually standing up ethylene crackers. The world of oil and gas is changing and there’s these new business model that companies are trying. If you think about Schlumberger forming joint ventures with NOCs, what they are doing is testing the waters. They do that all the time (think OneSubsea). And once they get it figured out, then they’ll go full-blown and become an operator as one of their business units.

Imagine Schlumberger is an operator. Number one they can sell their services at cutthroat prices, which reduces the overhead of those wells, which means they can make money where anybody else can’t.  Or they can keep their services the same, but make sure they provide the on time and help that operator which it would actually allow Schlumberger to produce oil in a more economical way. Either way they win, so they’re mitigating their risk by becoming an operator. That is really cool. And like I said, there’s a whole bunch of different models being tried and this is something new for oil and gas in 2018.Oil and Gas Predictions for 2018

Then finally, number seven. We’re having confidence in upstream sector. Prices are still low and prices are going to stay relatively low forever. That $50 to $65 price range, but we’ve driven so many inefficiencies out of the system that we are now comfortable with that price range. So investors, upstream companies, the NOC’s, the majors, the super majors, they’re starting to spend money again in upstream. They’re not going to do silly stuff and land still rules, but you’re seeing that confidence come back in upstream which is good for everybody.

Then, pay attention. Here in the U.S. we’re going to have a boom in midstream; pipelines, tankers, rail, etc?  Look at all the pipelines being built in the Permian. Why? Because it drives efficiencies and it’s safer for the environment. Plus it makes it a more predictable model not just to move the crude that you get out of ground, but to remove around the fresh water you need,  to move the produced water to move around natural gas.

There’s a whole Renaissance of new pipelines being built in the U.S. and you need to get ahead and understand it because it’s number eight Oil and Gas Predictions of 2018.

NGL’s Will be Huge

Then NGL (natural gas liquids) they’re going to be huge. As we increase our production the world has an appetite for our NGLs. NGLs things like butane, pentane, propane and we are producing the begebe’s out of NGL’s and we are selling it to the rest of the world at very high margins. That’s stuff we use to almost just throw away, we are now selling and making very healthy margin on. So NGLs are going to be a huge business boom and are part of our  Oil and Gas Predictions for 2018

Now I called this wrong in 2015. But I’m going to call it again and put my neck on the line. Number ten for Oil and Gas Predictions 2018, Mergers and acquisitions. I think the M&A activities will go through the roof in 2018. I think you can see large service companies combined to join forces. I think you will see a lot of independents combining. I think you’re going to see companies that just to be used thought of a technology company buying bits of oil and gas because they know they can make money out of it. I think the M&A activity for 2018 is going to be crazy and that’s just good for everybody.

All right. So, I just rattled off our ten Oil and Gas predictions for 2018. Can you do me a favor if you found it useful, can you share this? You know forward it to a friend, do the all company e-mail, post it on Twitter, whatever.

But this is our predictions for 2018. I hope you found it valuable. And like I said we have the podcast. I’ll put a link in the show notes so you can go check those out. We have a bunch more in the works. And we’re really building this Oil and Gas Global Network media super power in oil and gas. Its fun and we’re making a difference.  So, go check that out as well.


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Develop into an Oil and Gas Expert in 9 Steps

How to Develop into an Oil and Gas Expert

Today, how to develop into an oil and gas expert. We get asked this question literally two or three times every month, for years. How to become an oil and gas expert. We have people that reach out to us that want to change their careers, and they want to do some of the stuff that we’re doing. So we’re going to rattle off the things you need to do if you want to develop into an Oil and Gas expert.

The first one, and if you have listened to me for any length of time you know this could come out of my mouth – plan. You have to have a plan. Not in your head, but you have to have it written down and it’s something that you need to reference often. You need to have overarching goals and then you need to have those goals broken down into actual things you can actually execute on. And then you need to have those actually broken down into tactical things, things you need to do every day to reach these parts of the goals. If you don’t have a plan, you never will become an expert.

If You Want to Develop into an Oil and Gas Expert, You Must Learn

Next  learn. You have to educate yourself  and the thing I see a lot of people do, especially in our industry is they know part of our industry. And they think that’s the whole industry. So they only focus on the part that they’re in, not realizing that’s only a small percentage of the entire industry. This industry is enormous, and you have to (at least at a high level) learn about the different parts if you want to develop into an Oil and Gas expert.

You have to spend time learning; formal education, seminars, classes, online events, conferences, expos, whatever it takes to continuously learn. And something else that you need to do if you want to develop into an Oil and Gas expert. You never, never stop learning. We literally put time in our calendars every month to learn, because there’s always something new to study and pick up. The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop being an expert.

Connect With Other Oil and Gas Experts

Then connect with other oil and gas experts. I have a lot of people I’m connected to, many of them on a different maturity scale than I am. Develop into an Oil and Gas Expert Some of them are just starting their careers, some are the end of their careers. But I always get valuable and useful information out of my network. Your network, your other oil and gas experts you that you connected with. They help make sure you’re current, make sure that you’re aware of things that maybe you weren’t. We talk about learning a little while ago, well they also make sure that you learn the newest things. So having that network of other oil and gas experts, is unbelievably important.

And when you’re starting, especially if you’re just coming in in this industry and you’re trying to establish yourself.  You have to have a broad knowledge, don’t specialize, learn at a high level the entire oil and gas industry.

The industry is made up of bunch of components. Basically you can break this down into upstream, midstream, downstream, and service. Go here to watch a  short video we did years ago. The content is great, but don’t make fun of the quality of the video:-)  It’s really good information to understand the broadness and the scope of our industry. You have to have that broad knowledge. Once you have that broad knowledge, then you can specialize if you want. But start off with a broad knowledge to develop into an Oil and Gas expert.

Practice Makes Perfect

Then like everything else, practice. Whatever you want to be an expert around, you have to actually do it. So in our case it’s speaking. Just helping the companies in their sales and marketing departments hit their goals. We actually do it. When I started doing this, I did a whole bunch of this sort of stuff for free, so I could  get to practice. And even now, and my crew fuss at me sometimes for this, I sometimes do stuff that we don’t get paid for. But it’s part of me practicing my craft. You have to practice.

Then, here’s another one that sometimes you need other people to help you figure out. You need to identify your weaknesses.  So you need to identify parts of your expertise that you’re not very strong in, and that’s where you need to spend your time to. You need to figure out how to take those weaknesses and turn them into strengths. If you don’t identify your weaknesses, you will have gaps in being seen as an oil and gas expert.  Like I said it’s often very helpful if you have other people help point out your weaknesses and gaps.

I’ll give you a great example for us.  I am not the best financial person in the world and I have other people in our organization that help me with that, because it’s a weakness. Now I’ve addressed that weakness. You have to be able to do the same.

Always Check the Source

You know we talked about learning and education. We’re living in a modern information overloaded world and there’s a lot of bad information out there. The information that you consume to help you be an oil and gas expert – check the source, every single time. There is so much misinformation, wrong information, politically influenced info and if you let those bad pieces of information get into your box of tools, then you start making bad decisions based upon bad data. And you’re not seen as an expert anymore. So every time, check your sources.

Here’s one you’ll actually not hear people talk about, but I think it’s probably one of the most important – desire. If you want to be an oil and gas expert, you have to believe in your heart that that’s where your calling is. That’s what you want to be, that’s what you want to do. You have to have a passion around that. If you’ve listened to us any length of time, you’ve seen us speak at any events. You know I have a passion around this industry; I love this industry. I love the stories in our industry, I love the people in our industry, I love the technology in our industry. It’s real and a huge passion of mine. You have to have that same desire.

To Develop into an Oil and Gas Expert Have Fun

And then, quite honestly even though it’s work, have fun with it!  This is a wonderful global industry of people doing business with people. This industry likes to do good stuff for the planet, we like to provide prosperity to the world, but we also like to have fun. So enjoy that part as well. If you want to develop yourself as an oil and gas expert, you have to enjoy the journey. You have to have fun and if you don’t, you won’t ever get there.

So there you go, these are some tips on how you can become an oil and gas expert. If you found this valuable, can you do me a favor? There’s some social share buttons here, just click a couple of them help us share this blog post to more people.

Oil and Gas Keynote Speaker. How to Do it Right

How to be a valuable oil and gas keynote speaker.

Okay. Oil and gas keynote speaker, how to do it right. If you’re giving an oil and gas keynote speaker, a couple of things that you need to do to make sure that you nail it. That you give good value for the people that are paying you speak.

First thing, understand the purpose of the event. Why are they putting the event on? Is it a conference? Is it an expo? Is it an educational seminar? Is it internal? Is it external? Why are they doing it? Is it team building? Are they trying to pass on some type of new messaging? Is the company going through a merger or acquisition? Do they have a new product or service? Whatever it is without understanding the purpose of that event, you actually can’t build a good keynote and deliver high value.

Once you understand the purpose of that event, do a very deep dive into the expected audience. Learn who’s going to be there, their titles, their roles, their positions. If it’s a big conference, what is the conference theme? What’s the conference about? Who typically attends the conference? If you are doing a conference or expo, talk to the promoters of the conference. They can help you understand exactly who that audience is. But you have to understand who that exact audience is, so that you can tell a good and valuable story to them.

Oil and Gas Keynote speaker – Stop the Slides

Then here’s a big one for me and everybody else out there that speaks professionally. Stop the slides! The PowerPoint decks with all the texts and the spreadsheets, and all that sort of stuff. You need to tell a story. If you have a deck, pictures are great way to accomplish that story. Think about the TED Talks you see. How often do you see them putting up Excel spreadsheets? You never see that. If you need to put up a graph, make it simple and easy to understand. The focus needs to be on you, the oil and gas keynote speaker. Not on what you have going on behind you on a screen.

Next be entertaining but be careful. If you have too much entertainment or too much humor in the wrong place, it can be deadly when you’re doing an oil and gas keynote speech. Humor is what lubricates the story, it doesn’t replace the story. The story is the most important thing.

And then pacing is more important than length. If you go too fast, people can’t keep up and pay attention. So they lose track. If you go too slow, you put people to sleep. A good keynote can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, but the pace is way more important than the length.

You Must be a Good Storyteller

The next one is huge. You have to be a good storyteller AND  you have to tell real stories. So you have to tell real stories that involved you or the people around you, that fit into what you’re trying to accomplish as an oil and gas keynote speaker. You have to be a good storyteller. There’s a lot of stuff out there to help, online courses, books, classes and some really good blog posts. There’s a lot of really good stuff to teach you how to be a storyteller, but you have to be a storyteller first and foremost. And you have to use real stories if you want to be an oil and gas keynote speaker.

Next you have to connect with your audience. I’m doing it right now. I’m talking to you about stuff that’s important, stuff that you have an interest in, I’m giving you some real value. I am connecting with my audience even though this is on video. It’s even more important when you do it in person. You have to connect with the audience. If you connect with your audience, you feel it the audience feels it. They go along with you for the ride that you’re bringing them on, as you tell the story.

Here’s another real big one for us. You have to be genuine. If somebody asked you to do a keynote that you can’t do effectively, you need to tell them “I can’t do that keynote”. If you came to me and said “Mark, I want you to do a keynote speech on electrical distribution”, I would tell you No. I can’t do a good keynote around that, because I don’t know that world at all. My world is oil and gas. So you have to be genuine.

You Must use Social to be an Oil and Gas Keynote Speaker

Then in today’s world if you’re going to be a good oil and gas keynote speaker, you have to use social. You have to use social to promote the event ahead of time, which is what you’re being paid to do. You have to use it during the event. There are all kinds of ways, think of all the different platforms Periscope, Facebook, Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. All that stuff helps build a buzz for both you and your speaking career. And for the event that you’re helping with your keynote, so you have to be involved with social media.Oil and Gas Keynote Speaker

If you struggle with that find somebody who can help you with it. That will amplify your ability to tell a good story…immensely. You know if you have a Periscope or Facebook Live going in front of an audience of a thousand people in person, you may be actually doing a keynote in front of 6,000 or 8,000 people. Think how huge it is and how impactful it is.

Finally when you’re finished, you have to leave the audience feeling good. And that can be two or three different things. Did you tell a good heartfelt emotional story that made them feel good? The kind of Rocky thing where you pumped them up. Did you give them some valuable and useful information and they walked out and say “Wow I didn’t know that, and this is something I can actually use”. Regardless of how you do it, you have to end your keynote leaving the audience feeling good.

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So, folks I hope this helped. You may want to also check out Oil and Gas Speaker. How to Choose the Right One

Oil and Gas Experts. 5 Ways to Pick Out the Best

When you need Oil and Gas experts.

Oil and gas experts, five ways to pick out the best. If you’re looking for  an oil and gas experts, there’s a reason and usually that means there’s a problem. Typically a business problem that you can’t solve yourself or maybe you want a different way to solve it. So you need oil and gas experts to come in and help you.

There’s a lot of people out there that claim to be experts on a lot of different things, especially in our industry. But we’ve learned over the years there’s basically five traits that you need to look for, to help you pick out the oil and gas experts that you need.

Oil and Gas Experts Must Have Experience

Number one, experience. There is nothing that can replace hands on experience. Nothing that can replace years and years of doing the same thing over and over again and doing it well. That hands on, executable, rubber hit the road experience is  so valuable. And if the person you’re talking to doesn’t have that experience, go somewhere else.

Now that experience leads us to our next thing, knowledge. A lot of different things make up knowledge. Knowledge is formal education, knowledge is self-taught. Knowledge is things like networking and seminars and traveling and being open-minded. That book of knowledge is all of the tools that your oil and gas expert needs in their tool box. That they then will use in combination with their experience. Either one of them by themselves may give you some street cred, but those two together is the cornerstone of being an oil and gas expert.

Risk Tolerance

Risk for Oil and Gas ExpertsThen, here’s a big one. Our oil and gas industry has very little risk tolerance, and rightly so. Because when we make mistakes horrible things happen, but your oil and gas expert has to have fundamental grasp on his own or her own risk tolerance.  There’s an old saying in business systems that nobody ever gets fired for hiring IBM or SAP. Which is true.

But I’m telling you there’s a whole bunch of companies out there that go out of business because they made the wrong decision. They went down that route of only buying from the big companies. So there’s a balance there, what is the right thing to do, what is the safe thing to do, where is the middle ground? If your oil and gas experts do not have a good grasp on what their own risk tolerance is, they can’t help you make good impactful business decisions.

Creativity. Essential for an Oil and Gas Expert

And here’s one you may have never thought of, creativity. You have to be creative as our industry is facing new issues, new problems, new talent sources, new workforce, new government regulations, new geopolitical risks and new technologies. So the old ways of solving business problems aren’t always applicable anymore. Which means your expert has to have creativity. If they only want to solve problems they way they always have in the past, that won’t be useful anymore. Can he or she take their knowledge, experience, and risk tolerance and combine that with creativity to solve problems? In a way that is more productive and with a larger financially benefit?

Intuition. Hard to Measure but Super Valuable

And then intuition. The intuition thing is hard to measure, that’s your sixth sense.  It’s something that is hard to quantify and it’s not something based upon your formal education. Instead it’s based upon years of doing the same thing, and then your hunches or intuition starts helping you make the right business decisions.

We have this happened to us all the time. I’ll walk into a new company that either asked me to speak or asked me to come in and help them  solve a business issue they’re dealing with. And within ten or fifteen minutes of talking to their executives and leaders, my intuition kicks in and starts pointing me toward the problem. And the thing I think is so cool about this is, a lot of times it’s not something I am consciously aware of. And it’s also not something they’re aware of at all. Because they’re in that company, that world and they don’t see the true root cause of the problem. They see it as something else. So intuition is super, super valuable, but that intuition you only get after years of working in this industry.

There you go, five ways to help pick up the best oil and gas expert; experience, knowledge, risk tolerance, creativity, and intuition.

So, hopefully you found this valuable. If you did, can you please take three seconds to click the social share buttons here and help us share this blog post?

Folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.

Oh, and you may want to also check out Oil and Gas Expert. 10 Ways to Become One

Oil and Gas Speaker. How to Choose the Right One

Finding the right Oil and Gas Speaker can be a challenge, so we decided to help.

Oil and gas speaker, how do you choose the right one? If you’re going to hire an oil and gas speaker for your event, conference, expo or your meeting, you need to make sure you’re hiring the right person. You have a lot of people dependent on you making the right decisions, and we are going to give you some guidelines.


We will talk you through the things that you need to look for when you’re hiring an oil and gas speaker. The first one? What is the goal of the event that you’re putting on? Is this is a team building exercise? Are you trying to educate an audience? Is this a conference where you’re trying to showcase a new product or a new idea? Until you understand what is the goal of the event, you really can’t even begin to start choosing the speaker.


What is Your Oil and Gas Speaker Budget

Then, this is a big one. What is your oil and gas speaker budget? The range that you pay for people to speak in oil and gas events can go from literally zero for somebody who’s just getting started to maybe $20,000 or $30,000. Without knowing your budget, you don’t know how to be able to narrow that field of people that can help you accomplish your goals.


Then, what type of speaker will make your event successful? An industry expert. Or an oil and gas industry expert speaker, such as me. A celebrity speaker, such as Mark Zuckerberg or an athlete speaker, such as George Foreman. There are professional speakers, or internal speakers. Without understanding what type of speaker you need to make the event successful, you won’t be able to figure out who actually need. And each one of those types of speakers brings a different strength and a different purpose to your event.

Oil and Gas Speaker

Next what is the message you’re trying to convey? So if you’re talking about product launch, that’s one type of message. If you’re talking about some changes that your company is going through, that’s another type of message. Or if you’re trying to motivate a part of your company or a team, that’s another type of message and certain speakers are better off at delivering certain types of messages. So if you want an oil and gas speaker, what is the message that you’re trying to convey?


What is the Make-Up of Your Audience

And then what is the make-up of your audience? So in a conference or expo you have a bunch of people from all ages from all different backgrounds walking the floor. Are you trying to capture their attention? Or are you trying to educate them? Is this an internal audience? Or is this a bunch of your senior leadership? Are they new hires? Or a bunch of young professionals? Maybe even a bunch of Oil and Gas entrepreneurs? Without understanding the make-up of your audience, you can’t find the right person who can help you communicate the message you’re trying to convey to that audience.


Next what type of event is it? The type of speaker that’s successful in a live outdoor event is really radically different than a type of speaker that’s successful in a small 10 to 12 person internal event.  One of them is very good at pumping up an audience, reading the energy and getting everything’s going. The other one is really good at connecting one-on-one with those individuals out there. So you have to understand what type of event it is.


Shortlist your Oil and Gas Speakers

Once you have all these figured out because we live in 2017, you should be at the point be able to shortlist your potential speakers. Go check them out online. Every professional speaker I know including us, has at least a YouTube channel if not a website. And usually everything is published on all types of social media. Go pay attention, go watch them speak, listen to them, watch their body language. Is this the type of person that clicks with you with and what you’re trying to accomplish? Take that shortlist, go online, and check them out. This will help you narrow everything down.


You Should be Talking to the Oil and Gas Speaker Themselves

Then once you have it narrowed down, ask for contract terms upfront. Read the contract. If you don’t understand, reach out to them. And at this point, you should have gotten past speaking to the assistant of the speaker. And you should be talking to the oil and gas speaker themselves. Or at least to have a phone conversation with the actual speaker.


What is the travel and entertainment part of their contract look like? Do you have to pay upfront? What about timelines and commitments? Are they able to meet your timelines for your oil and gas event, or do you have to try to work your event around them? All that should help you narrow it down to the one speaker that will do the best job for you. And make sure you accomplish your goals.


So once you have all these stuff done, take a breath, relax, enjoy. You have now hired an oil and gas speaker that’s going to make you look good, that’s going to make your event successful and make the audience very happy.


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Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs. What does it take?

Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs. Lets learn what it takes.

You know what we’re to going to learn today that’s new? Entrepreneurship in oil and gas. I’ve been in this industry twenty years and the number of entrepreneurs that entered in this industry successfully is unbelievable, and it’s all really very cool.

New processes, new materials and innovation is something that the industry has needed for a long time. And we’ve worked with a lot of these entrepreneur company startups, and help get them on their feet. And in the process we’ve discovered there’s basically nine things that all these entrepreneurs have in common that make them successful in oil and gas.

The first one is determination. This industry is huge, it’s global, it’s enormous, it’s slow to adopt anything new. And if you don’t have determination being an entrepreneur, you’re not going to make it here. You’re going to have long hours and long nights. You’re going to beat your head against the wall, struggle with money and if you don’t have that determination you’re just not going to get through it.

The next thing we see that makes people successful, you have to be a risk-taker. You’re the type that thinks outside of the box, and  you’re willing to do things that other says you can’t do. If you had that risk-taking part of you, that’s a sure sign of success.

Then passion. If you followed us for any length of time either on the modalpoint blog or on the podcasts, you know I have a passion for this industry. It’s real, it’s genuine and I love the oil and gas industry. All successful oil and gas entrepreneurs have that same trait, they have a passion about what they do.

Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs

Then, you have to be cool with failure. If you can’t accept failure, this is not the industry for you. You’re going to fail multiple times before you’re successful. We failed a whole bunch of time and we’re still in the process of failing in parts of our business. But you have to be okay with that. The quicker you accept that failure, the quicker you move on and find what is your sweet spot to be successful.

Then you have to be adaptable. This industry is fundamentally changing. We’re in a hydrocarbon abundant world, we have this big loss of senior knowledge. Technology is entering like it’s never entered before. You have changing geopolitics. So you have to be able to adapt, and move your business in the right direction quickly. It’s what separates you from the big companies. The big companies can’t adapt real quick. As an entrepreneur, you can be very nimble and that’s a big plus in your favor.

Then, you have to be a forever learner. We literally, in our calendar each month have time blocked out just to learn. This industry is constantly changing and there’s no way you can learn all of it. But if you don’t learn you will be left behind. And  once again, it’s a trait of what we see in successful oil and gas entrepreneurs.

And then financial knowledge. You have to understand finance. You have to be able to read a balance sheet, to be able to read a P&L. Finance is in the blood of oil and gas industry. It is a large CAPEX intensive industry and if you can’t understand finance and talk financial language, you’re not going to make it.

Then you have to be a problem-solver. Something we see all successful oil and gas entrepreneurs. Everything that you do is about solving your client’s problems. If you can understand their problems that they are dealing with and, this is a big one, if you can understand the problems better than they do. Then they’ll have a need for what you do. So everything is built around solving problems.

Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs all Have Salesmanship in Common

And then finally, this is a trait of all successful oil and gas entrepreneurs. Salesmanship. In the beginning you probably will be your company’s only sales person. You’re going to be the person bringing revenue in the door. Without you no money comes in, and your company disappears. Later if you’re successful as your company grows, you will have to learn how to  sell internally. So learning how to sell effectively is a vital trait, and it’s something that all oil and gas entrepreneurs have in common.

We went through nine things really quick, about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in oil and gas. If you like this, can you do me a favor? There are some social share buttons here to your left, click on a couple and share our content. It helps us get in front of more people, so that we can do more stuff like this.

I hope you found this valuable. We will see you next time.

Maximize Your Sales Time in Oil and Gas

How to maximize your sales time in oil and gas.

All right. Today, we’re going to talk about eleven tips to help maximize your sales time in oil and gas.

Number one. And I have trouble with this one a lot, just say no, especially if you’re a people pleaser. A lot of people are going to ask you to do a lot of things and what happens is you end up diverting your time doing stuff that’s non-productive, it’s not good for your sales efforts.

You have to learn how to say no. And you can say no in a way that’s respectful and where it doesn’t aggravate people, but learning how to say no is one of the best ways to free up time for you to actually increase your oil and gas sales.

Focus on the Bigger Issues

Number two. Focus on the bigger issues especially if you’re a task master. You can get caught up spending time with smaller issues and wanting to bring them to completion. Instead of stopping and going to deal with those later and spending the time where you move the needle the most. So, where in your sales efforts do you need to spend most of your time? Concentrate your time there and always focus on the bigger issues.

Number three. And this a big one. Blockout time in your calendar. Everything that you need to do in a day should be in your calendar. And that includes things like going to lunch, working out, phone calls, etc.. If you don’t block that stuff off of your calendar, number one it’s not as real to you and number two especially if you work for a large company, people will look into your calendar and see that you have all these open space.

And here is a tip that you may not want to tell your boss or your sales manager. If you need time to really buckle down on a big project, blackout the whole day in your calendar.  Just call it a “sales meeting”. Because it really is a sales meeting even though it’s with yourself. And this way people will leave you alone you can get stuff done.

Number four. Stop multitasking. You really cannot multitask well. When you multitask, you divide up your attention on bunch of little things andStop Multitasking maximize your sales time in oil and gas you give each thing a sliver of your attention. You’re much better off especially, if you’re worried about the quality of your work to focus all of your time on one thing at a time. That way you can give it your full attention and get it done, and get it done well. So, stop multitasking to maximize your sales time in oil and gas.

Number five. And I’m guilty of this myself. Turn off the tech. When you need to think about something, when you need to have an important phone call, when you need to have a one-on- one or face-to-face meeting, put your cell phone on do not disturb. Turn off your e-mail notifications, turn off all the social media notifications. All that stuff distracts you and it keeps you from giving a hundred percent of your true self  to whatever you’re trying to deal with. So, turn off the tech.

Number six. Have an e-mail spot. We’re all inundated with e-mails. I personally get somewhere between a hundred twenty five and two hundred every day, and just having to go through all that stuff can be a big time waster. And just like you, probably 85% or 90% of them aren’t anything I need to do something with, but I have to read them in order to figure that out. So pick a spot whether it’s a spot in your office, a Starbucks, a spot in your home, and give yourself a time limit.

We typically do this in the morning or in the evenings where we sit down and slug through all the e-mails. But if you have a physical spot your brain will know that you can work on e-mails which means that when you leave that spot, you’re not worried about that and you can focus on the really important things.

Learn During Non-Productive Times

Number seven. Here’s a big one. During non-productive times, think car commutes, working out, traveling on an airplane, all that sort of stuff…learn. Warren Buffet’s famously said, “the more you learn the more you earn”, and it’s true. And there’s a whole wide range of audio books and podcasts that you can listen to during these non-productive times and you can learn. If you’re a sales person, you need to learn your client’s industry as good or better than them and I promise you you can do it during these non-productive times.

Number eight. Master delegation. You’re a sales professional, you bring money into the company, you’re one of the few people that do that. Which mens you’re vital to your company’s success. You probably had this whole support organization of admins, marketing people, sales engineers, product development people and others. So stuff that’s not important to your sales efforts push off your plate, and find the right person in your company and delegate to them. This will really help maximize your sales time in oil and gas.

If you’re a smaller company and you don’t have these resources, think about picking up an intern or virtual assistant. For $8 and $15 an hour, they can do a lot of these stuff for you and you can spend your higher dollar time with things that are much more important like closing deals.

Number nine. Sleep rules. I knew a lot of you out there are trying to burn the midnight oil, you don’t get enough sleep and you get up early. You can only do that for so long and your performance degrades. You have to make sure you get enough sleep. If you get enough sleep your body is allowed to heal, your brain is totally recharged, and you’re sharp and in your A game. Another great way  to maximize your sales time in oil and gas.

You Have to Sharpen the Saw if You Want to Maximize Your Sales Time in Oil and Gas.

Number ten. And you’ve heard me tell you this before. I  got this from Stephen Covey, Sharpen the Saw. That means exercising and eating right. I know, I know, I fall in that same trap that you are in.

In the oil and gas every deal involves a meal and a drink or two. That’s the culture of our industry. But, that is a bit of an excuse. I’m going through this right now myself, where I allowed myself to  put about 25 lbs of body fat. The truth is I can still go out to eat with clients and still eat right. I’m doing it now. So, the proof is in the pudding.

Number eleven. Sometimes you need to stop and take a break. We all live such busy hectic lives and sometimes you can’t think stuff things through clearly. Get up. If you’re in a cubicle, get up and walk around the office. Go outside take a walk. Jump on the treadmill. Disconnect for ten or fifteen minutes to allow you to kind of recharge mentally so you can come back and be just super sharp. This will maximize your sales time in oil and gas.

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