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Quit Picking on Exxon

The US and Europe companies are not “Big Oil”. Matter of fact they are struggling to find new places to drill because of the foreign national companies squeezing them out in a non competitive environment.

Check out the numbers. Exxon is number 16 in barrels under reserve (simple definition is how much oil they have), and they are a fantastic company. Some of the best, hardest working people I know. And the company is probably the best engineering company on the planet.

So dammit quit picking on them!

Good Work Is Always Worth It

If your plugged into the Houston Oil & Gas world you recognize this view.

Had a great lunch meeting with some folks that have weathered A LOT of change in their careers. But being the wonderful fellows they are, they were happy to give me some direction on how to navigate this large, complex organization. And to even make some introductions for me.

Business development is a struggle in itself, but even more of a bear in the Oil & Gas market.

Thank goodness that always striving to do high quality, fair business has helped me build these types of key relationships. Never underestimate the power of “good”….

SubSea is Rocking!


That drive out to Gears road is no fun, but what a great organization that is really growing. Lots of new technology and unbelievable engineering, plus the rumor mill says they are looking to make a big move! Just love these guys 🙂

Can You Say Shale Oil BOOM

The change in crude oil dynamics in the US is fascinating, and driving much growth particularly in Midstream. The supply of unconventional oil (think Shale) is driving both pipeline and rail supercycle of capital expenditures… and for the first time our domestic supply may halt imports.
And the cheap and abundant shale gas has lowered fuel cost for energy intensive refining. This may just increase downstream margins, as we start looking at exporting refined fuels. Never in a million years would I have imagined the US to be in such a global competitive position from an energy point of view!

I picked up a lot of facts around this at the Hart Energy breakfast, during Greg Haas’s presentation.

Why its Different Doing Business Within the Oil & Gas Vertical


One of the differences in doing business with the oil & gas vertical is the scope of the organizations.

Chevron and ExxonMobil often have unrecognized needs that their own management have yet to identify.

Being able to offer provocative solutions to these unrecognized needs, in a way that positively impacts the business is a sure fire way to gain these companies as a customer…