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OilComm – A Great Place to Meet Prospects

Learn about one of our favorite oil and gas conferences for our clients to meet prospects. Plus its a great event in its own right. Click here to get your 30% discount.


Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. What are you doing November 5th and 7th? If you’re trying to sell your company’s product and services to oil and gas industry, your butt better be at Oil Comm here in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Now, Oil Comm is a communications conference for the oil and gas industry, but it’s really way more than that. This is one of our prime conferences that we bring our clients to to meet prospects because there’s such a mix of business people from the oil and gas industry at this event.

So, not only you have the normal tech workshops and exhibits, they have a golf tournament. And if you’re not a golf player because I’m not a golf player, they have a sporting clays tournament. And then you have the actual conference and the thing that we like the best is the nightly receptions, right? Everybody’s there everybody’s having a good time. Now, for the entire event and it’s a great way for you to meet prospects in a social situation.

Now, because we have – I wanted to make sure that our readership attends this? We have a discount for 30% off the conference and that’s pretty huge, right? So that means that if you wanted to attend this conference and go to the exhibits and to do all the nightly receptions, it cost you about $168 for two days’ worth of meet-and-greet potential prospects. You can’t beat that price. So, we’ll stick a link on our website for the discount code. And if you’re watching this on YouTube, you need to head over to to actually find the link.

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So hopefully this helps. If you’ll go to Oil Comm, let me know, hit me up at Twitter, we’ll be sure to connect. It’s mark_lacour and this could be a really great show. We will see you next time.



Join a Round with Chevron, Shell, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, BP & Almost Every Other Oil & Gas Company


API Houston Golf Tournament

Want to meet and enjoy some great golf with business leaders from almost every oil & gas company in the Fortune 500? Then come join us at the 35th Annual Houston Chapter-A.P.I. Golf Tournament.

It will be held at Kingwood Country Club on Monday, October 13th 2014 in Kingwood, TX. Proceeds from this tournament benefit Engineering Scholarships, the Offshore Energy Center, the Houston Regional Science Fair, and other educational projects. It is with your tremendous support that this fundraiser and social event has grown better each year.

Click here for invitation 2014-golf-letter and here for the entry form 2014-golf-form. But hurry, this one always sells out!

I’ll be there, so give me a shout on Twitter @mark_lacour and lets connect.

golf tournament

Spend the Day with Citgo, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes and 747 More

UofH GolfAnd help out the Bauer School of Business’s PES program (Program of Excellence in Selling) at The University of Houston.

As part of the program, UH hosts 2 Golf Charity tournaments every year. The next one is being held at Kingwood Country Club on October 27th, 2014, where over 750 companies will participate by sponsoring and attending. The proceeds from this tournament goes towards helping non-profit organizations and are equally distributed among downtown homeless shelters, battered women of Houston and St. Luke’s for children.

Click here for the flier UH PES Golf Tournament or reach out direct to Misbah at and she will be happy to sign you up.

Want to Play Golf with NOV, Cameron GE Oil & Gas and Many Others?



And help out some underprivileged kids in the process? Then join me at the NOMADS Annual Golf Scholarship Fundraiser on Friday October 24, 2014.

This tournament is an industry favorite, and always offers great fun, good food, and lots of door prizes for the participants. Plus you get to meet and rub elbows with oil & gas executives and business leaders. Hurry get your team signed up (even if you don’t have your foursome names). Download the flier now: Flyer – 2014


6 Ways to Improve Your Networking at Events

Join us at NAPE (North American Prospect Expo) in Houston, TX and learn 6 ways to improve your networking results at oil and gas events.
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Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. We’re here at beautiful Texas and it’s hot as hell. It’s 2014 NAPE North American Prospect Expo show going on right now and it’s been a stellar show already and it’s only halfway through day one.

One of the things that goes in NAPE that’s real important is networking, right? A lot of money, a lot of properties exchange hands here and thought we’d take this chance talk about what you should you do with network at NAPE or any oil and gas event. All right?

So, number one, don’t arrive late. By the time you arrive late the clicks have formed people have already met each other, business cards had been exchanged hands and you’re late to the game, so you really should arrive early.

Number two, ask easy questions. One of the things that we do all the time is ask what are you doing here, what brought you to NAPE. This way the conversation flows naturally and that kind of leads into number three.

Number three is get rid of the sales pitch, okay? Quit trying to sell yourself in three seconds to complete stranger, that looks bad, instead ask questions, find out what’s going on in their world and see if there’s someone you could possibly help them, okay?

Next, share your passion – We are passionate about the oil and gas industry and it comes across in our dealings with other people. You have a passion as well, make sure to share that where you’re more personable to the new people that you’re meeting.

Then next, smile. It’s really simple thing to do, but just because you’re in a business environment smile, relax, it makes people smile as well, it opens them up and allows you to actually network and get to know them better.

And then finally, don’t hijack the conversation, right? Don’t be the know it all, don’t butt in on every conversation, nobody likes that person. If you’re that person, stop doing that.

So, I hope these six things help you with your networking. We got to get back to the show, so hopefully this helps, we will see you next time.





NAPE South. Trust me, you need to go.

Learn why you need to be at NAPE South, August 20-22 2014 in Houston, Texas. This is one of our top performing events for our clients in meeting new oil & gas prospects and growing their client base. Click here to learn more about NAPE and here are some good fast fact sheetsNAPE Fast Facts NAPE South Fast Facts

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Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. What are you doing August 20 to 22nd? If you know oil and gas business, you damn well better be at NAPE. And you go, “Mark, what is NAPE?” NAPE stands for the North American Prospect Expo. It is our number one go-to show for ourselves and for our clients and there’s a reason for that.

So NAPE is a show where people have existing oil and gas properties and prospects meet to try to sell or trade these properties, right? They do this is in exhibit booths. So if you think about that, this is a conference where everybody that is attending is expecting either buy something or sell something. How great a place is that for your business, huh?

Now, of course you need to understand the show much more intimately on how your product or solution helps somebody fix a problem, but NAPE is just a great place. And I’d like to call it the Lollapalooza of the oil and gas industry probably with more alcohol more money and less rock stars. And the reason I say that is because when it started in 1993, it was all the independent oil and gas guys, the movers and the shakers the grunge bands, right? The punk rock bands of the oil and gas world if you want to think of it that way.

And now, of course it’s grown a little bit bigger and you have some of the bigger people out there, but it still has that same mentality. And the nice thing is that in these two days the show goes on, you get to meet with people actually do with business, so you get to understand the oil and gas industry from [cradle to grave] in two days and you can’t go to any other show and see that. Not to mention the fact that this show is built around buying and selling stuff.

So they do five of them a year, the one that’s going on in August is called NAPE South. We’ll stick a link on our website, I mean on our blog post to their website, so you can visit yourself. But if you have an interest in selling your product or service in the oil and gas industry, you better be here. We’re going to be there, if you’re going, please hit us up on any social media, Twitter, whatever and we’ll see if we can connect and walk around with you.

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So, folks I hope this helps and we will see you next time.




3 Key Business Takeaways from OTC 2014

Learn the top 3 key business drivers gleamed from the Offshore Technology Conference. And to check out Signet Interactive click here.


Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

All right. Today show, we’re going to talk about three key business takeaways from OTC 2014. Ready?


Number one. We predicted that dead on over 108,000 attendees turned out for OTC. It’s the largest attendance since 1982 which tells you one thing, tells you the offshore industry is back with a vengeance which is just awesome.


Number two. Nowadays, we figured out online presence is a must. It used to be years ago the oil and gas industry did vendors of people that they knew, right? Well, now, there’s a new breed of people entering the industry and they’re searching for new vendors to do business with, but they’re doing it online. So now, digital marketing is something as vitally important for your business.

As a matter of fact, 56% of oil and gas companies are now looking at new vendors, they weren’t even looking at it for years ago and they’re looking at these new vendors online. So, if you don’t have the online presence and a digital marketing strategy in place, you’re in trouble. Which by the way, speaking of that, we use Signet — the team at Signet Marketing for our digital marketing. We’ll throw a hyperlink up there. They’re a topnotch company in oil and gas industry. Look at them, they can really help you out.


Number three. Service companies are in the fiercest competition I’ve seen ever, right? So the Halliburtons and the Baker Hughes, the [Sanjels], the Weatherfords are hammering each other to capture a lot of these business and there are new service companies entering the industry every day and all of them are looking for new technology and new process to help serve their clients. So, if you have a new technology a new process, hit the service companies first, you’ll be glad you did.


Hope this helps. We will see you next time.


Final Pre OTC Tips

Some final tips to make the most out of Offshore Technology Conference.
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Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. It’s that time, it’s T-time, it’s the week before OTC. We spend a lot of time and effort   helping me get prep for it, this is the week before, so we’re going to do one last show to help you get everything together to get the most out of OTC. All right?

So, first thing is if you subscribe to my monthly newsletter, you noticed I gave away free passes to OTC from our friends at Cameron. What? You don’t subscribe to my newsletter? Then you missed out on free stuff like that which is worth several hundred dollars. Subscribe to my newsletter, it comes out once a month, we help you understand which oil and gas events are going on and what are the key things that you can accomplish there. Everybody loves my newsletter it’s great resource, so go to my website and sign up for it now.

Next thing, I’ll be at OTC the entire week, so shoot me an e-mail shoot me a text whatever, reach out and if I can, I’ll connect. I’ll have a whole gang of people with me. I have all the gas executives, I have people that are just now getting into the industry, I have former clients of mine, I have new clients of mine, I have friends of mine, so just being included in my network of people will be a great business thing for you. So, like I said, reach out.

Also, don’t forget to use #OTCHouston while you’re sending your tweets. This way you can actually go back and see what type of traffic is going on, not only from potential people that you can do business with, but also people that are actually running the show.

Then, we’re going to have two hyperlinks on this post. We’re giving away a free exhibitor list, right? So you can go through and see everybody who’s attending at OTC and where they are and we’re giving away a free map. This way you can actually plan out your time at OTC on paper and have something to follow.

And then finally, don’t forget, I mean my phone has been ringing off the hook, but we’re waiting ‘till the week after OTC, we’re going to give away 19,000 oil and gas contacts for free. So stay tuned for that. Hopefully this helps and we’ll see you at the Reliant Center.


Maximizing Your Time at OTC. Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of a 2 part series to make sure you get the most out of the Offshore Technology Conference 2014. We showcase 8 tips on how to network productively at OTC.

Plus find out how to get over 19,000 free oil and gas contacts by subscribing to our blog.

Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. This is the second part of our two-part show about maximizing your time at OTC. And the number one thing that you need to when you get there is network. But so many people do this wrong, right? So, we’re going to go through eight tips on how you can network properly.

So the first one is know your purpose in networking. Are you trying to meet a potential employees? Are you trying to meet potential employers? Are you looking for potential clients? Are you looking to learn more about the industry? Are you looking to broaden your contact base? Without having a plan on how you network, you can be really nearly everywhere and not accomplishing anything.

Next thing is do your homework. Once you figure out what the purpose is of your networking, then do your homework around that. So for instance, if your networking is to help you find new prospects to sell your product or service to, make sure you do research on those companies and figure out what troubles they’re struggling with, right?

Next thing, listen. Too many networking events, everything is about them, them, them. People talk, talk, talk. Don’t do that, don’t be that guy. You need to listen ask open-ended questions, be genuinely interested and try to learn as much as you can about the people that you’re networking with, right?

Next thing is respect your contact’s time. Everybody’s busy, everybody has their own purpose for being at OTC, so if you can get one or two-minute conversation with somebody, that’s awesome and then let them exchange contact information and let them go on. Don’t follow them around.

Then also, later on ask for help in small doses. So if you meet somebody, say a prospect company, don’t immediately ask them if you can put a pitch deck in front of them. Don’t do that. Get to know what’s going on with them, trade them some useful information they see value and then ask for maybe an introduction to one of their co-workers who may be the prospect for you. Do that in small doses.

Next thing is get permission. Don’t ever do this. I’ve had people do this to me and it pisses me off, right? If you reach out to me and we’re connecting, don’t reach out to one of my contacts that you see on LinkedIn and said I said it was okay without getting my permission, right? That’s a no-no. Stop doing that people.

Then, don’t use the word networking. The word network has such a bad connotation that the moment you say it, people’s head shields go up, right?

And then remember, networking is two-way street, it’s not all about you. Make sure you add some value to other people’s lives, so maybe there is a vendor that can sell something to your company, sit down with them talk to them learn what’s going on, give him some contact information beside your company. All right?

So here’s eight steps to help you network properly at OTC which is going to be a great show this year. I’m going to be there along with my gang. If you’re going to be there, text me, e-mail me, whatever and let’s see if we can connect. This could be a great show.

And then finally, don’t forget the week after OTC, we’ll give away those 19,000 oil and gas contacts for free, so stay tuned.