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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

All right. We have line of sight at the Data Driven Production Conference and we are actually interviewing people that are either taking place or will be at the conference and we’re lucky enough we’re sitting next to JoAnn.

How are you doing, JoAnn?

JoAnn: I’m good. Thank you.

Mark: Yeah. And what is the name of your company?

JoAnn: The name of my company is Previse Consulting.

Mark: So, Previse Consulting, you do a lot of work around lean methodology around process improvement. And you’re actually working with really cool company called 3-GIG.

JoAnn: That’s right. That’s right. So, it is business process improvement recognizing that you’ve got to have a lot of technology capability to do that today. Yeah, absolutely including lean is a big part of that.

Mark: Yeah. And so, our industry our viewers out there you know our industry has a lot of inefficiencies in it and in this long term hydrocarbon abundant world that we’re in, we have to drive those efficiencies out. Now, the problem is a lot of people immediately think of a tool, they think of a technology, but if they don’t actually refine the process, the tool doesn’t help.

JoAnn: Perfect. Thank you for saying that and I didn’t have to say that. And that’s exactly what we’re trying to do in partnering with 3-GIG. Previse, we bring some of the – the consulting and the business process improvement and what we’re trying to do is find areas where perhaps there’s a bit of a gap. There’s a lot of technology, there’s a lot of good process work that’s going on today.

One of the areas in particular that we’re working on is reducing downtime so that companies can realize higher production. There’s a lot of work going on in that area, but we believe we’ve identified a little gap that’s in between two big buckets where there’s a lot of work going on and that’s what we’re working with 3-GIG on.

Mark: Yeah. They have a really, really cool platform. We’re going to stick some links in the show notes. Also in the show notes, we’re going to stick a discount code for $400 off of the conference if you want to go. I’m going to be there. Are you going to be there?

JoAnn: I’m going to be there. I’m going to be on the panel talking about reducing downtime.

Mark: Yeah. So, if you have an interest in this and I know you do because I get – I hear from y’all everyday  about what can we do to help decrease downtime  increase production, here is the expert right here.

So, we’re going to be at the conference. It’s June 6th and 7th.

JoAnn: And we will – our panel is the afternoon of June 6th.

Mark: Yeah. So, folks come join us. We’ll be there and you want to go pay attention to what JoAnn is talking about because this is some really, really cool stuff.

So, JoAnn thank you so much for being on it.

JoAnn: Thank you for having me.

Mark: Yeah. And, if people want to find out more about your company, where should they go?

JoAnn: www.previseconsulting.com and also, we have the 3-GIG website where we’re going to talk about this great tool that we’ve developed called the return to production management, RPM for short and so, come and visit us and come into the panel and hear us talk about it.

Mark: Yeah. I love this. This is going to be really cool.

So, folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.


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