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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

I am in beautiful Tyler, Texas. This is like one of the prettiest drives I’ve taken in the state ever. And I’m sitting here with Denny with Roseland.

How are you doing, Denny?

Denny: I’m great. How are you?

Mark: I’m doing good, man. And, we want to talk a little bit today about in this low crude price environment, a lot of people say they don’t want to spend budget on trade shows and, I don’t think that’s a good idea. What do you think about that?

Denny: Well, I think for our exhibitors it’s an opportunity to really have the attention of some of the companies that they wanted to work with in the past. You know when the price is high, either (A) these companies are too busy to take the time or (B) things are going so well that maybe they’re not real interested in saving a few dollars.

So, right now it’s really an opportunity because you may not be able to get those deals at price point that you want, but a lot of our customers are having an opportunity to at least show what they can do for these companies.

Mark: Yeah.

I’m sitting here with Derek. Hey, Derek.

Derek:  Hello, sir.

Mark: Yeah. And, Jonathan. How are you doing, Jonathan.

Jonathan: I’m doing great, Mark.

Mark: So, we’ll talk a little bit, y’all have some real world experience with people actually coming to your events and actually benefiting from it. Can you talk through like a real case when that happened?

Derek: Yeah. One of the best cases in my opinion is a company of ours that sells trailers. They sell all types of trailers from dump trailers to pretty much anything you can think of. And, one of the things that we really pride ourselves on is getting our customers involved with the buyer ahead of time opposed to just hoping that the buyer is going to show up.

We got them hooked up with a local dealer and East Texas Mack got them hooked up with a local dealer who ended up buying two trailers at the show. Another customer that came along with that company got hooked up with our customers, well, which is [forty] Johnny Tyson and his family and they ended up making a contact there at the show that has ended up buying over a million dollars worth of inventory since March.

Mark: Yeah. That’s incredible. So, there’s a real-world example of why you should attend trade shows in oil and gas industry.

Hey, Jonathan do you have a story?

Jonathan: I do. We had a company that doesn’t have a sales force here in East Texas and they sell equipment – engineering equipment. And, they were skeptical about getting in the show and coming and talking with them about how we try and connect to [marry] them to their ideal customer and they exhibit with us in East Texas, he was able to sell three pieces of equipment and made over $150,000 and he signed up for our South Texas and our West Texas shows, so it’s exciting.

Mark: Yeah, awesome stuff. So, this is real rubber-hit-the-road stories of how people benefitted from attending trade shows like Roseland’s. So…

So, in this low crude price what’s happening is people having to drive efficiencies and people on the trade shows know that and they’re looking for new partners, new vendors, new ways of doing stuff. And Denny’s absolutely right when it was $80 or $100 a barrel, they didn’t care, now they care.

Denny: That’s exactly right. We’ve seen several of our exhibitors, you know our favorite thing is to have exhibitors after the show comment to us about how they’ve done at our events, that’s probably our favorite thing. And so, you know, we continue to hear from our exhibitors that they are making deals at these events, so it’s definitely worth their time to be there.

Mark: Yeah. And then, as far as attendees, if you’re looking for work in this industry, what better place to go out and meet the people that may have a spot for you than something like this because they’re all in one place at one time. And guess what? Especially if you’re in sales, guess who’s manning all those booths? Some of the heads of sales, so even from an individual attendee there’s a lot of benefit to go with.

Denny: Oh, definitely. I mean from a personal standpoint, you know, for their – their own career, they’re going to find opportunities there. We also offer several training classes at our show. For example, H2S Certification, it’s something that you have to have to be on drilling location.

It’s not an expensive course, you might pay $150 for both parts of it. We offer it free at our shows. We try our best to offer many benefits to attend this both personal benefits to improve their – their own career and also if they’re there representing a company maybe opportunities to find ways to make their company more efficient.

Mark: Awesome stuff. Now, this is what I think is awesome. If you want to attend if you are my audience and you want to attend, how much do you charge for attendees?

Denny: We don’t charge for attendance.

Mark: Zero. So, you have no excuse not to go. So, when is your next show?

Denny: We’re going to be in Corpus Christi, July 21st and 22nd at the American Bank Center.

Mark:  Okay. And, if people want to learn more about you and what you do in your company, where should they go?

Denny:  Our website will probably be the best place, it’s It has information about our events, but also we’ve put a lot of work into creating a news source on our website, so you could go there every day and probably find a dozen headlines about current events for the oil and gas industry.

Mark: Yeah. Cool. Cool. Cool. So, we’ll be at the show coming up in Corpus. We’ll also put a link up in the show notes the website so you can just click on it.

Denny, dude, man, thank you so much for your time today.

Denny: Man, we’re really glad to have you. We have to keep you down here, maybe go to the lake one weekend.

Mark: Yeah. I would love to do that.

So, folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.