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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

All right. We’re sitting at NAPE, literally the doors have just opened. I’m sitting here with Kathy with Compass Consulting.

How are you doing, Kathy?

Kathy: I’m good. Thank you.

Mark: Now, Kathy does something that not only a super cool and super important, but it’s also super value in this low crude price environment. And, basically you help organizations specifically large organizations with change. Let’s talk about that a bit.

Kathy: Right. I like to help organizations adapt to change in turbulent times. And so, what we try to do is I come in as a speaker or as a consultant and work with organizations that are trying to get their employees to get their head around and their heart around a fast changing environment because typically what most people experience is resistance to change, that’s where they start.

Now, it doesn’t mean they stay there, they don’t stay resistant, but they always start with resistance. And there’s a feeling that change imposed is change opposed. People are going to oppose change that’s sort of coming at them from the outside, so we start with that.

Mark: Yeah. And, you know, I know this from experience from our work, culture is always the hardest thing to change. And, in this low crude price environment with the massive amount of knowledge that has left this industry, companies are going to have to change or they’re not going to be relevant anymore.

Kathy: Right. They absolutely they are – we can see it everywhere particularly in your industry in oil and gas how many companies don’t exist, they’re extinct because they couldn’t adapt.

And so, one of the quotes I love to use is not the strongest to survive nor the most intelligent, but those who are most responsive to change.

Mark: I love that because it’s actually true, who’s the most adaptable. I know companies out there that are adapting very quickly and quite honestly I know some big companies out there right now who are not adapting who still think we’re going to get back to $100 a barrel environment and, we’re not.

Kathy: It’s not going to happen. And, sort of understanding a new reality, that’s the first place individual should start is hitting the pause button long enough to say what is really going on out there, what’s the true nature of what I’m experiencing.

You use the term when we talked earlier about the perfect storm, so if that’s the case, what am I going to do, how do I take charge of that and not be what we could say the plaything of circumstance.

I don’t want to be blown around in the wind. I want to take some control of my life. And so, when we try to help organizations see that, that’s the first step, take charge of what you can control and then, flex with what you can.

One thing you can control is to stay true to your values and to your sense of integrity and your sense of purpose and your – your sense of meaning, finding meaningful work. And, I think oil and gas powers the world, so that’s pretty meaningful.

And, I was hearing today already because I’m not in the industry, I was hearing about the, you know, every product we come in contact with is touched by oil and gas. So, just appreciating, you know, stepping back for a moment and appreciating the value of what you do, your contribution.

Mark: We love it. And you know what? We are in that perfect storm, so if you’re a company out there – small, medium, large and you know that you need some change and you want some help, my suggestion reach out to Kathy.

So, Kathy if people want to learn more about you and what you do, where should they go?

Kathy: Well, my is Kathy Cleveland Bull and I’m president of N-Compass Consulting and we’re based in Columbus, Ohio, so I’m sorry you have to head north. And, they can find me at

Mark: Kathy, thank you so much. And, folks we’ll put a link in the show notes so you don’t have to be writing things down.

Thank you so much for your time today.

Kathy: You’re welcome. You’re welcome. I just want to tell people just leave with one last thing and that is to just take charge – take charge of your life, take charge of what’s happening around you. Don’t be reactive, be responsive and that will make all the difference in the quality of your life.

Mark: Yeah. Some great advice. So, folks I hope this helped, we will see you next time.