On our must attend list, the TIBCO Energy Forum.

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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

All right. The three of us just could not get into the same town at the same time, so we’re doing this via Skype. I got Michael O’Connell and Kim Hightower here with TIBCO.

How are y’all doing today?

Michael: Great.

Kim: Thanks for having us.

Mark: Yeah. And, Kim you like you’re in car?

Kim: I am in a car. I’m always in a car or an office.

Mark: That’s the world we live in now. So, y’all have an even coming up that we go to every year that we find fascinating. It’s the TIBCO Energy Forum. Let’s talk a little bit what that is.

Michael: Sure thing. Well, we’ve got a terrific program this year. Kim and I have been rounding out folks from all across the energy sector. We’ve got folks – we got a business track with Apache and NRG and Linn Energy talking about these operations and project economics. We’ve got an abstract, we’ve got a tech track. Basically we have twelve customer speakers.

Kim: We do. Yes. And holistically it’s a great gathering place for all of our customers. We’ve got, you know, lots of the – the big oil companies are, you know, sending dozens if not more than that, you know, customers to the event where they can talk to others about use cases that we’ve got fourteen or so sponsors, companies that sponsor our TIBCO Energy Forum and talk to customers about what they have going on as well.

Big Oil and Energy Companies will be Here

Mark: And what’s cool about this is if people don’t understand who TIBCO is. Everybody’s heard the name Spotfire, right? Y’all are the leader in big data analytics and our industry as a whole has always been a big data industry, but it’s only lately like last five years or so that they started realizing the business value of mining that data. And that’s what y’all do, y’all help companies like oil and gas companies mine that data to derive good business results.

Michael: Absolutely. We’ve got in addition to that business track I was talking about, we’ve got a tech track which feature some of those big data methods, Mark.

So, we’ve got XTO and Exxon speaking about the Spotfire with Hadoop and geospatial analytics. We’ve got Chevron talking about Spotfire for performance in on conventional. We’ve got BP talking about smart decline curves. So, yeah, big data analytics across the board in the tech track as well as the abstract, business track.

TIBCO Energy ForumAnd, Kim I think one of our big sponsors is a big data application as well, right?

Kim: Yeah. MongoDB is a NoSQL database. They are our platinum sponsor at TIBCO Energy Forum and will be giving a big data use case on the main stage this year. Our first day is really all customer presentations talking about different use cases and analytics across the oil and gas industry – across the energy industry actually. We’ve got an energy, we’ve got a big utility as well.

The second day is an end user forum where we’ve got a hackathon and some training available as well.

Mark: Yeah. Big shoutout to Theo over there at MongoDB. I’ve known him for a long time. We’re going to be out there as well.

So, when in the TIBCO Energy Forum?

TIBCO Energy Forum is September 6th and 7th, 2017

Kim: September 6th and 7th. And typically we have two types of attendees. We’ve got the executive level attendees who attend just the first day for all the customer presentations and gatherings. And then, the end user or the analyst, the engineers typically attend both days so that they can take advantage of the training and the hackathon as well.

Mark: Yeah. And, we’re bringing a podcast. We will be there live. What is so cool about this, this isn’t academia, right? So, if you’re in this big data world or even curious about this big data world, this is real people in oil and gas, real users talking about real use cases. This type of information is so valuable, it’s actually really rare.

We love the TIBCO Energy Forum. We’re going to be there. If you have an interest at all, where should they go, Michael if they want to find out more about the energy forum?

Michael: Well, just go to TIBCO.com just right there on the main page we got a link into the energy forum, you can register for the event. We’d love to see you there on September 6th and 7th. As Kim mentioned we got a business track, we’ve got tech track, we’ve got hands on hackathon whether you’re an executive, a manager, a hands on user, there’s going to  just, you know, eight hundred – eight hundred plus Spotfire enthusiasts there speaking about analyzing data for two days. It’s going to be great.

Mark: It is going to be great. And. We’ll stick a link in the show notes so you can just click, you don’t have to be writing everything down.

Well, Michael and Kim thank you very much for your time today.

Kim: Excellent. Thank you very much.

Michael: Thank you.

Mark: So, folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.