• November 1, 2014
  • Mark LaCour
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Come learn the top 10 changing technology trends in the oil and gas industry.

Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. If you’re in the industry you know how old fashioned this industry is especially when it comes to technology. One of that the things that’s really great right now in 2014 is I’m starting to see a lot of things changed from a technology point of view which only benefits companies that can sell this type of technology to the oil and gas industry. Today’s show we’re going to talk about the ten changing technology trends we see in oil and gas.


Number one. Cloud computing. So cloud computing was something that was not enterprise friendly in oil and gas up until just recently. Now, you’re looking at both internal external cloud computing being rapidly adopted because it’s just so nimble and quick. People are getting rid of their old server forms, they’re pushing this out to other partners to manage. So that’s one of the new trends we see in oil and gas.

Number two. Virtualization. And it used to be that you manage your own servers and then virtualization of servers came up so you had virtual machines and now you’re watching the technology change where we virtualize everything; security, storage, whatever.

Number three. New IT buyers. It used to be only the guys in IT shop bought stuff for IT. Now, because of the upwards adaptation of technology, think of the way iPhone penetrate the enterprise, you’re starting to see HR and marketing and business people be the new buyers of IT.

Next, the rise of web-based sales. Because of the proliferation of technology, the old methods of selling don’t work as well as it used to. In fact, most buyers in oil and gas have went pretty much 50% down the buying path already before they reach out their first sales person. So there are lots of companies out there getting rid of the old quota carrying sales people and go into strictly web-based sales model.

Number five. Land and expand sales model. Now, this used to not exist anywhere in oil and gas. It start off as a domain of games. Basically you’d offer a free game with premium upgrade, I’m starting to see that happen now with some rather large companies selling stuff to oil and gas. They’ll do a free trial or very low cost installation in the hopes of making that money further down the road.

Next. Re-engineering enterprise workflow. The oil and gas used to be very strict and let’s say old fashioned in a way work flow. Well, with the proliferation of technology and people doing so much more stuff on tablets and their smartphones and expect it, you know, instant answers to your questions, you’re seeing the workflow actually changing enterprise.

Number seven. Security. And the security used to not be thought of by anybody other than the heads of security in IT. Now, it’s a major business concern.

Next. Data. And when I say data, big data. Big data is a word that’s thrown around a lot and it catches business leaders’ attention, right? The ability to analyze and make sound business decisions all these amount of data they’ve been collecting is paramount in their success.

Number nine. Speed. And what I mean by speed, speed kills your competitors. If you’re the first one out the gate to want something such as big data or the new IT buyers or virtualization, you’re going to get a leg up on your competitors and then you’ll squash them.

And then, ten, the last one. Consumer quality interfaces. Because we’re so used to pulling up apps on our phones on our tablets that are easy to use, easy to understand, that’s starting to drive the old transactional type of business tools that the oil and gas industry uses, right? So now, they want to login to the old SAP interface, they want to build grab something log and see their business content which I suspect somewhere down the roads could kill a lot of these large enterprise providers such as SAP and Oracle because once the friendly user gets used to that interface, you can change that back at any time and nobody even know that you changed it. So there you go, ten change in technology trends we see in oil and gas.

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