This is where to start if you want to sell into the oil and gas industry.

Our approach lets you quickly add this vertical to your book of business — something that otherwise can take months or years.

Or if you’re already in the vertical but you have a new offering that needs traction, we can accelerate your time to revenue. Either way, you’ll see an immediate impact in your market penetration and your top line.

Despite its cyclical nature, the oil and gas industry consistently represents a tremendous addressable market for a wide range of products, technologies and services. But while the opportunity is big, the sheer size and complexity can make it a tough nut to crack. Many companies struggle with it — and not for lack of value in their offerings.

To begin with, just navigating the various segments and disciplines can be nearly impossible for beginners — and still difficult for people who know one piece but not others. In many ways it’s like three or four different industries welded together into one large machine with a unified purpose. So even if you provide an elegant solution to a critical business problem in one company you might find it of no interest to someone else.

Then you have the job of maneuvering through the organizational structure within the company you’re targeting. Again the complexities and variability can dishearten even the most seasoned salesperson. And you may find that people within the target company — even when they’re trying to help — have a hard time knowing where to point you.

These and other challenges can throw up a brick wall in front of an otherwise excellent go-to-market plan. So that’s why we start by helping you identify how your product best aligns to the industry and what organizational roles you should sell to. It might seem obvious but the results may very well surprise you.

We give you the alignment and credibility you need
to sell into the oil and gas industry.