Join us at NAPE (North American Prospect Expo) in Houston, TX and learn 6 ways to improve your networking results at oil and gas events.
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Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. We’re here at beautiful Texas and it’s hot as hell. It’s 2014 NAPE North American Prospect Expo show going on right now and it’s been a stellar show already and it’s only halfway through day one.

One of the things that goes in NAPE that’s real important is networking, right? A lot of money, a lot of properties exchange hands here and thought we’d take this chance talk about what you should you do with network at NAPE or any oil and gas event. All right?

So, number one, don’t arrive late. By the time you arrive late the clicks have formed people have already met each other, business cards had been exchanged hands and you’re late to the game, so you really should arrive early.

Number two, ask easy questions. One of the things that we do all the time is ask what are you doing here, what brought you to NAPE. This way the conversation flows naturally and that kind of leads into number three.

Number three is get rid of the sales pitch, okay? Quit trying to sell yourself in three seconds to complete stranger, that looks bad, instead ask questions, find out what’s going on in their world and see if there’s someone you could possibly help them, okay?

Next, share your passion – We are passionate about the oil and gas industry and it comes across in our dealings with other people. You have a passion as well, make sure to share that where you’re more personable to the new people that you’re meeting.

Then next, smile. It’s really simple thing to do, but just because you’re in a business environment smile, relax, it makes people smile as well, it opens them up and allows you to actually network and get to know them better.

And then finally, don’t hijack the conversation, right? Don’t be the know it all, don’t butt in on every conversation, nobody likes that person. If you’re that person, stop doing that.

So, I hope these six things help you with your networking. We got to get back to the show, so hopefully this helps, we will see you next time.