• October 4, 2014
  • Mark LaCour
  • 6

Learn what traits we see top performing sales people within the oil and gas vertical have in common.

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Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


Okay. We often get asked by companies to help them find good oil and gas salespeople. It’s not part of our core business, but because it does overlay  what we’re really good at, we help out a lot. So over the years we know what it takes to be a great successful salesperson in oil and gas and we thought we’d share that with you.

So today’s show is the traits of successful sales people in oil and gas.

Number one. They have a passion for learning about the industry. This industry is constantly changing constantly moving and if you sit still you’ll get left behind. Top sales people are always looking to learn new stuff about the industry.

Number two. They have parity with their clients. What does that mean? That means they see their client as an equal. A lot of the sales people that aren’t successful see the client as a step above, right? The client is always right, the client has a budget. No. Successful oil and gas sales people see themselves as equal with their customers.

Number three. They’re comfortable talking about money and in oil and gas industry, that’s big dollars you know. We’re looking at two, three, twelve, thirty, eighty, ninety, seven hundred million dollar sales, right? You have to be comfortable talking about money in this industry or you’ll never make it.

Next. They’re able to challenge the decision maker. Because they’re so confident in what they do and that their product and solution fixes a problem the decision maker has, they’re able to challenge the decision maker if he has wrong or inaccurate data. Once again, it’s the top of the truly top sales people in oil and gas.

Number five. They show up prepared. That means they’ve done their research, they’ve looked up on LinkedIn the profiles of people they could be meeting with, they’ve customized their presentation to fit that client’s problem, right? They do the work upfront. About 70% of sales people don’t do that and that’s why they’re not successful,

Number six. They don’t rush. This is glacially slow industry to do business in and successful people know that. One year or eighteen months sales cycle is actually very common, so you can’t rush that sort of stuff.

Number seven. They ask great questions. Now, I suspect that’s true of top salespeople in any vertical, but it absolutely is a top trait for people in oil and gas. You have to understand what’s going on in the customer’s business and if you don’t you’re not going to be successful and helping them solve problems. The top sales people are really great asking questions.

And then, number eight, one of my pet peeves. They’re impeccable at following up. All top sales people follow up religiously, right? Right away. In fact, a lot of the really good guys have their follow up steps prep before the meeting so they can get it turnaround that quickly.

So, I hope this helps and you understand what the top traits of a successful oil and gas salespeople. We will see you next time.