Houston hosts another world class event with the 2013 World Shale Oil & Gas Summit and Exhibition. This event was full of senior representatives from the international shale oil and gas industry.

Great opening keynotes by Edward Morse of Citi Research and Davis Thames with Cheniere Energy on sustainability and profitably, demand driving supply and the economic implications of shale development.

James Slutz with Global Energy Strategies, Keith Barnett with Asset Risk Management and Laura Sayavedra with Spectra Energy nailed the facts around incentivizing infrastructure development in a fact filled presentation.

We got some great info on the regulatory drivers in infrastructure investment from Duarte Figueira with Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK and Edgar Jones with Statoil.

Then the role of technology in the world’s shale oil & gas industry by Jeffrey Meisenhelder with Schlumberger and Timothy Benton with RKI Exploration and Production.

I was only able to attend 1 day of this 4 day event, but even this small snapshot showed me that this event was world class. Definitively worth the price. If you or your company has an interest in the shale oil boom you need to plan to be at the 2014 summit & expo. Reach out to Robert Beckmann at and he will help you get ready for next years event.