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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

Today, we’re sitting here with Bob with Action Coaching.

Bob: Business Coaching of North Houston.

Mark: Business Coaching of North Houston. And Bob has a fascinating story about a project he built that is perfect for oil and gas industry at this point in history. We’re in the last quarter of 2015 and people are restless especially in sales as they’re getting ready to prepare for 2016.

So, Bob let’s talk just a little bit, what is this product you actually put together?

Bob: Well, we got a do-it-yourself digital marketing program and really what it is it’s about creating the strategy and then the education that goes along with how to digital market in this day and age and there’s so much ignorance out there I guess you could say. We don’t know we want to participate in social media and digital marketing, but we don’t know how.

And so, what we’ve done is we developed a program that works over 52 weeks and so each week there’s a learning segment that includes not only the how to and the step-by-step process, but there’s a strategy that goes along with it: Why should you be on LinkedIn? What’s LinkedIn going to offer? Who do you need to target on LinkedIn?

And there’s so many things and we were talking earlier, Mark, you know, when you look at your LinkedIn profile, if you’re missing a picture, then the opportunity for credibility los or the loss of credibility is so high because in these days and age people are going to check us out and they want to – they want us to be present on the internet and digitally, so that they can see. And what this program does it allows us to not only be present, but create a strategy that goes along with it because as a business coach I find what happens is so many business owners have great intentions and they’ve got and they know what they wanted, they don’t necessarily know how to do because the strategy is not there.

Or in some other cases, as you and I were discussing earlier today is, you know, when we spend a month creating a strategy for the budget for in this case 2016 and we don’t ever go back to it once we get it done or we get it turned in. And so, this is a great platform that allows us to learn in a phase that we can learn and within a year we’re going to know basically we’re going to know Linkedin, we’re going to know YouTube, we’re going to know how to video market, we’re going to know how to – how to content what content on our website, what CRM, how to use the CRM as a marketing tool. And so, within 52 weeks you will have a strategic footprint digitally both social media and digital presence, so gradual.

Mark: Yeah. So, folks a lot of sales people in oil and gas had follow me, you know if you never showed digital presence right now especially this low crude price market, they all drop sales. So, will this work for individual…?

Bob: It will. If you’re a marketing person on a company or you’re in sales in the company, because we focused on the social media side of it, it’s very, very beneficial and it will allow for that presence. It will also help with creating your own self-strategy around your LinkedIn and your Facebook if you’re going to use Facebook or Google+ if you’re going to use Google+, Twitter, but the other thing that will happen is if you’re a business owner, then you can actually use it as a larger strategy on the scheme of things.

And so, it’s a great program, it will benefit both any professional that’s looking to improve their credibility and presence in the market place, I guess it’s really how that works best.

Mark: Yeah. And folks let me tell you social media is strong, it’s almost a hundred percent of our business, so if you’re not doing it right you need to check out Bob’s programs.

So, Bob if they want to know more about what you do, where should they go?

Bob: Go to our website, it’s www.actioncoachleverage.com and you’ll see a DIY program under the coaching tab on the website. It’s pretty easy to navigate to, but it’s www.actioncoachleverage.com.

Mark:  Yeah. Folks, we’ll put a link in the show notes so you don’t need to be writing notes.

Bob, thank you so much for your time.

Bob: It’s a pleasure being here. Thanks, Mark.

Mark: So, folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.