A great interview with BoomersWork. They have an innovative solution to the “Great Crew Change”. But what is even more impressive is that if you need to staff up, they have an awesome tool so you can access a flexible work force of highly talented, experienced people. And if your looking for a contract job in the oil & gas industry, they can help you as well.


Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. Today, we’re at beautiful Sarasota, Florida and we’re with Tim. Hey, Tim.

Tim: Hey, Mark. How you doing?

Mark: Very well. And let me tell you folks, this is one of the most beautiful spots in the country. I don’t know if you can tell behind me, but the architecture here is old Spanish influence and you don’t see that much in the U.S.

But, we’re not here to talk about architecture. We’re here to talk about something bigger, the Great Crew Change. And, Tim is an expert of the Great Crew Change.

So, Tim, let me ask you, what is the Great Crew Change?

Tim: Great Crew Change is what we’re seeing as a result of about a twenty-year hiring gap in the oil and gas industry, where there’s that twenty-year gap in investment and human resources in the oil and gas industry. So what we’re seeing is people below the age of thirty there’s a lot of people that are coming into the industry very interested in the Shell boom and taking on that.

And, there’s about 71% of the U.S. workforce in oil and gas that is over the age of 50. So, we’re looking at about five million people in the next ten years which are going to be retiring from the oil and gas industry. And with that, going up the door, there’s a lot of expertise and a lot of experience that we need to be able to tap into.

Mark: Yeah. And, folks that happening at the exact same time that the oil and gas industry has an increase in demand for talent, so this is a major business driver.

So, Tim, talk about some of the types of skillsets or talent pools that are disappearing from oil and gas industry. Is it range [gone] or is it just a couple of things like petroleum engineers?

Tim: Well, you might think it was only in the geosciences or in the petro technical expertise, but it’s really across the board. As a part of a global phenomenon in the U.S. right now there’s about 300,000 people that are retiring from the workforce in general every month. A lot of those are in oil and gas, so we’re seeing it across the board from marketing, from accounting, from IT, and as you mentioned in the geosciences as well, so it’s really across the board.

Mark: Yeah. So, it’s, you know, you’ve heard us talk about this before. The reason I have Tim on here is not only is he an expert on the Great Crew Change, Tim’s company actually has a solution to this which I just think is unbelievable.

So, Tim, tell me a little bit, what’s the name of your company?

Tim: BoomersWork.

Mark: BoomersWork. And so, what does BoomersWork do?

Tim: BoomersWork is a technology solution. It’s a software program that helps retired people get back into the workforce on a flexible basis. So, with all these people that I mentioned that are retiring every month, BoomersWork actually matches them in a confidential software-driven way with flexible workforce assignments and allows employers to effectively and viably economically engage them into workforce.

Mark: So, are you telling me that people that are exiting the workforce if they want to look for part time or contract type of work that they don’t have to go to some job fair?

Tim: Right. We put people back to work on their terms. So, we’re seeing the people are living longer, there’s a drive that people want to work, but employers can’t afford them with the Obamacare and everything else that it’s just cost prohibitive.

So, what we do is we provided a way for people to come in and digitally rebrand themselves and re-engage in opportunities that the workforce is now presenting based on these driving needs.

Mark: And you know a lot of the companies I know, Chevron, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Shell, there’s a shortage of labor like we talked about the Great Crew Change and they’re struggling trying to find these talents and then bring it on board. Is this something you could actually help Shell or Exxon with?

Tim:  Absolutely. So, we’re working with a number of major enterprises to create what we call contingent workforce solutions where as people retire or if the, you know, if the company goes to changes and they have to downsize, we actually manage those people and in a universally free access service for the individuals and we allow companies like Chevron or Halliburton to be able to tap back into that expertise when and as they need it on a basis that they can afford.

Mark: Man, that’s super powerful. Well, look, Tim, I really appreciate your time with us. If people want to find out more about BoomersWork, where do they go?

Tim: www.boomerswork.us

Mark: And, folks we’ll put a link on the show notes, so you don’t have to be writing notes. So, I hope you find this helpful. We will see you next time.