• April 11, 2014
  • Mark LaCour
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With the ever-changing industry landscape, many companies are findings themselves in the midst of organizational changes and restructures. Part of this restructuring effort, for some companies, has been the introduction of global organizations and functions.

Meant to streamline regional processes into a single executable engine, new global organizations are tasked with performing what can sometimes be viewed as the impossible, aligning all stakeholder needs into a single strategy that will deliver the requested results. This task can harbor ill intent as regional organizations feel that their control and power is being taken from them by a global organization that they perceive is not in line with reality. To overcome this negative perception, global organizations must seek to understand first then be understood.

By employing stakeholder management processes, global organizations can easy gain ground by seeking to understand what it the stakeholder’s requirements are and incorporating them into a multi-faceted strategy that can drive home those results.

No one said going global was easy but by using project management best practices and strategy management, a new global organization can turn from an ugly duck into a beautiful swan.


Contributor Milena LaCour is a global leader in oil & gas project execution. Find out more about her at www.milenalacour.com or http://www.linkedin.com/in/milenalacour