Today we attended the annual C&C Industries Christmas lunch (which usually turns into a party and goes till late night). This is a great little company that has a nice solid piece of the valve market. Name it Hammer Unions, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves – they provide it all to the oil & gas industry. And what is their sales secret? Proof Suppliers.

For almost any application of their products, they have a real world example of how their valves solved a customer problem. These are real “rubber hit the road” testimonials with solid references from within the industry.

As you and your clients move through the sales process together, you need to be able to help them with a solution to their problems and deal with their concerns about risk (in oil and gas risk is a big driver). You need proof suppliers that show real results and that eliminate risk concerns.

If you and your team build a whole toolkit around this idea, I guarentee your sales will soar…