A fascinating interview with Rick at MCA communications that we filmed at Oilcomm. Come see how their state of the art collaboration platform can directly help with the labor shortage in the oil and gas industry. To learn more about MCA  click here

Speaker1: Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


Speaker1:  All right. We’re still at OilComm and we actually just finished shooting an episode with Steve of Datum360 here in this booth. And I started talking to the company and I love what they do. They impact the great crew change in a way that’s unique. So, I thought we’d have a quick conversation with Rick. Hey, Rick.

Speaker2: Hey, Mark. How are you doing?

Speaker1: Very good. To talk about their company and what they do. So, Rick when I look behind me, oh, my God, what is this?

Speaker2: So, what we have here is a full screen of collaboration technology and what we’re doing is we’re displaying on a video wall many types of information that will be used in the oil and gas industry. Any types of data from the geophysics data to websites to video conferencing so that we can actually allow people to communicate and collaborate across the world no matter where you’re at with no matter how many people are in your team.

Speaker1: So, you tell me that I have team members scattered around the world and we all can be looking at the same display look at the same information at the same time in real time?

Speaker2:  Absolutely and not just in real time, but in the high-res data. So, the system is specifically designed to not minimize the amount of data that you can see and actually allows you to look at the quality and actually pick up all the detail and the software applications that we’re using.

Speaker1: So, a project management team could collaborate on a large Capex project even though they’re all remote and sitting on different parts of the world and work together as a team?

Speaker2:  Absolutely. And what ties it all together is a nice control system that makes it easy to use. So, it’s not only a very high complexity system, but it’s also simple to use, easy to use, and reliable.

Speaker1: Wow. So, those of you who watch in time, you know I’ve talked about the great crew change for basically there’s a shortage of challenge in oil and gas industry and it’s getting worse. Here is a great solution where you could take people from around the world and put them together on a virtual team and get work done.

So, Rick tell me just real quick a little bit about MCA Communications?

Speaker2: So MCA Communications, so we’ve been around for over thirty years now. We’re a globally recognized communication technology company focused on oil and gas industry. We do IT, wireless, and collaboration solutions.

Speaker1: That’s awesome. So, if somebody want to find out more about your company, where would they go?

Speaker2: Website is www.mcacom.com.

Speaker1: All right. Well, folks I hope that helped. We’ll see you next time.