• July 20, 2014
  • Mark LaCour
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Sense of UrgencyYou want your buyers to act with urgency. You need them to want your solution as badly as you want to help them with it. But for some reason, they can take their time. They feel no real pressure to move forward now. I get this question all the time: How do you make your product, service, or solution more compelling?

There is a simple answer, but it is only available if you’ve done good work through every interaction you have had with your dream client. That answer is this: If you want to be compelling, link your solution to what is already compelling.

Here is this idea broken down into its two basic parts:

1. What capability does your solution provide? How does it provide an outcome your dream client needs?

How does what you are selling help your dream client with their biggest, most pressing initiatives? How does it help them to solve the day-to-day challenges that presently prevent them from achieving the results they need now? How does it help them to produce the future result they need?

If you didn’t do good work uncovering your dream client’s most strategic, most pressing needs, it will be impossible to tie your solution to those needs.

2. What will be lost if your client takes no action now?

If your dream client doesn’t move now, what will be lost? Will they lose revenue, profit, market share, wallet share, or first-mover advantage? Will they disappoint their customers, fail them, or lose them altogether? Will they have to spend more money in the future because they failed to take action now?

I have friends who believe that some people aren’t compelled to move away from pain but towards something positive. You can easily frame what will be lost in positive terms, but it is still compelling your dream client because they have something to lose.

What improvement will your dream client gain by taking action? If they wait three months to act, how much of that gain will be lost?

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What opportunities are sitting stuck in your pipeline now? How can you make your offering more compelling and help your dream client to create a greater sense of urgency?

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