Meet the new way to do business development and market your products and services in the Oil and Gas industry. A great company doing great work, to learn more about Oilfield portal go here:

We filmed this at the new Gallery Furniture location in Katy TX, to learn more about this really great company that promotes American manufacturing go here:


Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

Today, we’re sitting here with Rebecca Free with Oilfield Portal. Good morning, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Good morning.

Mark: How are you doing?

Rebecca: I am doing great. How are you?

Mark: Very good. So, Rebecca has a very interesting company and it applies to the oil and gas industry in a bunch of different ways. So, Rebecca let’s just talk a little bit, what does Oilfield Portal do?

Rebecca: We are a business development company. In a nutshell we use technology to move information; could be equipment, could be just services to help promote your business. So, we put people together.

Mark: Yeah. So, in the old ways somebody has to know somebody, right? So, somebody has to know George who’s looking for a mud pump, but you don’t need George anymore, do you?

Rebecca: We don’t, but we’re focused on people, so it’s important to us to develop those relationships. If you don’t have the relationship, people still do business with those they like, so that’s important.

Mark: Yeah. In this industry, it is still people doing business with people. So, but you do more than just broker equipment back and forth, right?

Rebecca: We do. We help people to have the tools to be able to promote themselves. So, we have forums, we do a lot of networking events, we’re out and about, you see us everywhere. We make sure to stand out in the crowd so to speak.

Mark: Yeah. And you have one of the monthly lunches that’s actually in my newsletter, it all started with [Marion Winstead] which is one of the godfathers in the oil and gas industry.

Rebecca: Yes.

Mark: And then, you all pick that up?

Rebecca: We did. Marion came to us and asked if we would take over for him. He is still out selling equipment and working with people, so we were the ones privileged enough to take that over thirty-year networking lunch.

Mark: Yeah. And, folks you got to go to my monthly newsletter, go, just great time to meet people. I’ve seen people find prospects, I’ve seen people find jobs, just a good group of people in the oil and gas industry.

But, Rebecca that’s not all you all do, right? So, if you’re a company or associate service company and you’re looking to find customers, you can help them with that as well?

Rebecca:  We can. What we’re doing is since we have started to develop this network, we know who to go to. We can give you a qualified lead. So, with advertising, with helping you to promote yourself, with helping all of that process to go through, then we’re able to put you in contact with those who can benefit your business.

Mark: So, if somebody in my audience has an oil and gas service company or trying to look to sell their stuff in oil and gas, they should reach out to you?

Rebecca: Absolutely. You got to reach out to us because otherwise we’re not going to be able to help.

Mark: Yeah. So, if somebody wants to find out more about what you do, where should the go?

Rebecca: They should go to

Mark:  Yeah, folks we’ll put a link in the show notes so you won’t be scribbling notes or anything.

Rebecca, thank you so much for your time.

Rebecca: Thank you.

Mark: Hey, folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.

Mark:  So, Rebecca this is actually our second meeting, right?

Rebecca:  It is our second meeting.

Mark: Now, on our first meeting, you had something a little bit out of ordinary happened to you. Tell my audience what happened to you before we met for the first time?

Rebecca:  A couple of days before I met with you the first time, I went into cardiac arrest, I died and it was due to several things with my health, but I was determined to get out of the hospital though. I had a meeting to get to. I had to meet you.

Mark: So, we’re glad that you’re healthy, but Rebecca, a heart attack is an acceptable excuse to postpone a meeting.

Rebecca: No, no, no, no. No it’s not. I have much more important things to do and it’s not to sit in a hospital, that doesn’t work for me. So, it’s to be able to meet with you.

Mark: People please if you have a heart attack and you have a meeting with me, it’s okay to cancel. But, Rebecca you’re feeling better, right? Everything is okay?

Rebecca: I am feeling much better and very thankful for a wakeup call.

Mark: Yeah. We’re glad everything is okay.

Rebecca:  Thank you.