Learn about contingent workforce solutions for both retirees that would like to get back to work, and for companies that need access to talent. Click here to learn more about Lisa’s company.

And sorry for the overexposure half way through the video. We had exposure locked, and then the sun came out 😉

Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. We’re still in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. We’re sitting here with Lisa. Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: Hey, there Mark.

Mark: So, is it true that you actually stalked me on LinkedIn and actually put in the letter, “I’m stalking you on LinkedIn?”

Lisa: I am guilty. I did do that.

Mark: So that’s actually how Lisa and I met. She cyber-stalked me and I thought it was so cool that she was honest about it and reached out and we had a great relationship ever since then.

So, Lisa works for Boomers. Is it Boomers?

Lisa: BoomersWork.

Mark: I’m sorry, BoomersWork. And she has a fascinating story to tell about contingent workforce solutions. So, Lisa what is contingent workforce solutions?

Lisa: Well, basically, Mark what it is when people are retiring out of an industry, we are working with companies and having these people register into the BoomersWork database. And then, when the company or other companies want to get that experienced talent back on a contract or part time basis, they registered with us, we manage that talent and companies can come back and get those experienced people back to work.

Mark: Oh, my God, so are you telling me if I’m understanding what you’re saying that if a company needs to grow, they can tap into this pre-identified labor source?

Lisa: Yes, absolutely.

Mark: And if they need to shrink, they can then — these people then can be added to this labor source?

Lisa: Yes, that’s what we’re doing. We’re talking people into this database and then we’re marketing – help market them out back into the labor force with intense talent, they have a lot of talent.

Mark: Yeah. This is incredible. So, you know, this is kind of a theme when we talk about the Great Crew Change while we’re down here. This is a solution to the Great Crew Change. Think about it.

If you’re a company and you need to staff up, you can reach out to Boomers and they have the talent already organized and recognized, all you need is go. And if you’re a company that’s shrinking in size, your workforce can now be registered so they can pick up a job somewhere else.

So, Lisa, Boomers makes me think of baby boomers, is that where the name came from?

Lisa: Yes, it did. We’re gearing basically towards the baby boomers out in the workforce, but we also work with people who have at least fifteen years of experience. So we have people who are younger registered in our database, but typically it’s the boomer age people.

Mark: Yes. So, I actually have a personal story about this. There’s a lot of oil and gas guys that have worked for twenty five or thirty years and they take a package and they finally get to retire and they come home and in three days their wives cannot stand them being at home because they haven’t been at home in thirty five years.

So these guys, when you’re bored or your wives try to find you a place, do reach out to Boomers. This is the perfect solution.

So, Lisa, I want to thank you. Thank you for your time. If people want to find out more about Boomers, where would they go?

Lisa: You can go to our website, it’s www.boomerswork.us

Mark: Thank you so much. Folks I hope you found this valuable. We will see you next time.