Come learn about critical decision making in Oil and Gas, and how how it can impact your business. Plus find about the “Insider Only” Oilfield breakfast forum that we love attending. Click  here to learn more about the breakfast and their business.


Mark: Hey folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. Today, we’re in Houston, Texas and it’s freaking freezing outside, the rest of the country [would laugh], but it’s in the 30’s here and we’re not made for this.

We’re here at Decision Strategies with Kepo.

Kepo: Hello, Mark. How are you?

Mark: I’m very good. How are you doing?

Kepo: Good. Thank you.

Mark: Yeah. And we’ll talk a little bit about what they do, they help companies make critical decisions. And, at this point in history this is something that’s real important to oil and gas industry.

So, Kepo, can you tell us a little bit about what you all do?

Kepo: We help our clients think their way through complex problems. So if they have to make big money decisions and they are faced with a lot of risk and uncertainty, that’s right of our alley. We help them to quantify those risks and uncertainty and help them develop a strategy, a robust strategy that they can actually implement and also make the decision quite confidently knowing how likely it is for them to be successful when they make the decision.

Mark: Right. So, right now with the low crude price, a lot of companies out there are making bad decisions and this is something you could actually help them improve their decision making.

Kepo: Absolutely. The thing is a lot of oil companies or oil and gas companies are cutting back, how best – how best to make those cuts because they need to think about what are the future repercussions and I’m even talking about near term like, you know, as soon as the oil prices go back up, what are those repercussions of making the cut of cutting those costs.

When you’re cutting back on human resources, you’re cutting back on infrastructure and all your projects, what is that going to look like in the high oil price environment. This is the time to call on us so we can help you to quantify those uncertainties. We can help you to bring your whole team together and use a collaborative approach to come up with robust strategies, things that you can do now that will make you come up top when the oil price bounce back.

Mark: Now, that’s consulting, you all do more than consulting?

Kepo: Oh, absolutely. We also offer training courses around a lot of the things that we consult our client – our clients consult us for. And the idea behind that is we don’t just want to come in and tell you, oh, like the normal joke of a consultant just give me your watch and I’ll tell you what the time is, we do more than just that.

We help you along the way, but we also want to train you and equip you so that this way of thinking your way through complex problems strategically using decision analysis methods becomes ingrained into your company so that you can – so you’re able to stand alone and make decisions – good decisions by yourself even without our help.

Mark: Yeah. And how many consulting companies want to get you out the doors, so that’s awesome. We do the same thing as well.

So, you’ll actually have a breakfast coming up, don’t you?

Kepo: Yes, we do. Actually, we what we called the Oilfield Breakfast Forum coming up in Thursday, March 26th. And really, what it is networking/panel discussion where we have four panelists from the service side of the industry, the operator side and also the financial side to talk about what is going on in the industry right now.

So, we’re actually going to be talking about a lot of things that we actually help our clients with which is, you know, the things to think about when they are cutting cost and how to cut cost smartly. And also, it’s a great way to network with a lot of the industry professionals. We normally have about 600 professionals from the oil – from all facets of the oil and gas industry. And it’s a great way to get to know people meet people, hey, develop this on business development for your company. And I mean it’s a great way to start your morning.

But if you want to know more about this, you know, you can go to our website and there is more information on there.

Mark: Yeah. So, let me tell you how important this breakfast is, we’ll be there, so enough said.

Kepo: Exactly.

Mark: So, if people want to learn more about what you’ll do, where should they go?

Kepo: Our website which is and also from there if you want to attend the Oilfield Breakfast Forum, there is a link from there to just register. And you should get in now while we still have the early bird prizes.

Mark: Yeah. So, you heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. Get it done now folks. We’ll put a link up in the show notes.

Thank you very much for your time.

Kepo: Thank you, Mark. I appreciate it.

Mark: Folks, I hope this helped. We will see you next time.