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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

All right. For some reason me and Binu, we cannot get in the same town at the same time, so we’re doing this interview via Skype.

How are you doing today?

Binu: I’m pretty good, Mark. How are you?

Mark: Busy, but good.  I mean we got this Data Driven Production Conference coming up to us. I think it’s June 6th and 7th and I think you’re actually speaking there, right?

Binu: Yes, I am. It’s very, very exciting.

Mark: Yeah, it is very exciting because the oil and gas industry as a whole has always been a big data and technology industry, but it’s always been siloed and they never had learned how to use it to their advantage. And the company I know that does a really good job of helping oil and gas company to realize that is GE, of course.

Binu: Exactly. Yeah. I think from our perspective this is something that, you know, it’s particularly relevant to us because as you said there’s tons of these data silos and I think that’s grown up as both an artifact of how the industry evolved as well as some of the infrastructure issues that we had before.

But, what’s truly exciting and, you know, it’s tied to the investments that GE has made into our Predix platform. What we’ve done is we’ve taken a lot of the technology that you see coming up from the consumers Facebook, Google, and Facebook, and Amazon did, taking that technology using cloud using a lot of the big data techniques that are available right now and being able to pull of these things together. And so, we have a solution that we think is going to be unique for oil and gas.

Mark: Yeah. And so, you don’t know this because we just met, but on Oil and Gas this Week for the last year, we have been talking about GE in their Predix platform and I think y’all ahead of everybody else and I think y’all are going to hit out of the park.

So, I think it was genius in your part. You got some time to tell, right? You need to see how it gets adopted, but I think you have timed it literally almost perfect almost like you had a crystal ball five years ago. So, I’m really excited, but I’m really excited to actually come hear you speak.

So, you’re speaking June6th, we’ll be there. We’re going to bring a lot of our podcast audience with us and if it’s anybody that’s listening to this if you want to learn about what’s going on with new technology in oil and gas, you need to go to the Data Driven Production Conference. We’ll put a link in the show notes, so it makes it easier for people. And we’re also – they are nice enough to give us a discount because if you sign up use our discount code, you get $400 off.

Binu, this has been a great time, I’ve enjoyed our conversation. If people wanted to learn more about GE and what you are doing, where should they go?

Binu: They should go to GEoilandgas.com.

Mark: Yeah. And, we’ll put a link in the show notes, so you don’t have to be writing anything down.

And so, Binu thank you so much for your time today.

Binu: Absolutely. Thanks, Mark.

Mark: Yeah. So, folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.

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