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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

All right. We have Steve Jackson with us from Elynx. And, Steve and I just could not get in the same town at the same time, so we’re shooting this quick video via Skype.

How are you doing today, Steve?

Steve: I’m doing great. How are you doing?

Mark: Oh, busy. It’s getting warm in Houston already, but all good stuff. And speaking of all good stuff, we’re actually bringing the podcast. I think all three  at the Data Driven Production Conference and you’re actually the – one of the platinum sponsors of this conference?

Steve: Yes, sir. We’re looking forward to it.

Mark: And so, tell me a little background, Elynx, what does Elynx actually do?

Steve: Well, Elynx was formed about sixteen years ago and we were the first in the industries to supplies data as a service. And we’ve monitored – and since then we’ve monitored over 40,000 wells and with 400 customers in 22 states and 8 foreign countries.

So, we’ve been busy and we planned it now we’re going into be the first in the industry to supply predictive analytics as a service.

Mark: So, it’s really cool. That’s a game-changer, right? It’s when you start to supply predictive analytics you go from downtime type of maintenance to plain maintenance which decreases downtime.

Steve: Absolutely among other things. There are so many things it does, but I think that Elynx, again, will be the first we’ve ever heard of that actually supplies predictive analytics as a service. And there would be a monthly fee for awhile for – to all our customers and it’s very unique.

Mark: It makes it very scalable, right? If a company has one well and they go to a hundred well, you can just grow right with them.

Steve: Or a thousand or ten thousand.

Mark: Yeah. Yeah. And so, the cool thing is you – y’all actually – you’re actually will be speaking at the Data Driven Production Conference?

Steve: Yes.

Mark: Yeah. And so, you know, this industry is in turmoil right now, but we know that there is needs for new technologies to drive efficiencies not – nobody has actually figured out the complete picture yet, but it sounds like Elynx is a very vital part of that which is actually at the well itself?

Steve: Yes. We – today, we’re the only ones who I’m aware of that have the last mile as such. We have fabulous data to all of the monitoring of these wells over the past sixteen years as Pricewaterhouse auditor data about a year ago and they said it was not the best they’ve seen in the oil and gas industry for advance predictive analytics is the best they’ve seen in any industry and I’ll be explaining why it is important for us at the conference.

Mark: Man, that is really cool that Pricewaterhouse recognizes y’all for that. They’re not a small company      .

Steve: No, they’re not exactly. Their head of their analytics practice, Bill Abbott came with us two weeks ago, he’s now our chief operating officer.

Mark: Oh, that’s really cool, right? So, you get somebody from Pwc for your chief analytics officer, so you can be able to plug all that big business right into – to what you all are doing to help your clients which are operators.

Steve: Absolutely. Yeah. And, we’re thrilled to have him.

Mark: Yeah. And so, Steve, real quick if people are listening to this and they’re thinking about going to the Data Driven Production Conference and they’re not quite sure, why should they go?

Steve: Well, I think just speaking for ourselves only for Elynx only, they should – they’re going to hear something new. Everyone talks about analytics and – and doing this and doing that and they are – and everyone being, you know, the companies own gas companies their industry are doing it to a certain extent. Basically, they’re doing what we call analytics and analyzing data in a human means they do it.

With us, the machinery algorithm is what we’re doing it and so, the more data we get on these wells that we, you know, we service with our customers, the better are our algorithms will become. And they’ll work 24/7 365, they don’t get tired.

Mark: Yeah. So, this is right now where the thing that people don’t understand is the machine and only does it not get tired, it doesn’t change the way it works if wife gets mad at him, right? You can look at a thousand data streams a second 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days. And since you’re using machine analytics, as they learn as it learn it gets better and better and better.

Steve: You said for me. True.

Mark: So, Data Driven Production Conference is at June 6th and 7th. We’re going to be there, the podcast is going to be there, Elynx will going to be there. Steve, you’re actually speaking.

So, if you’re listening to this and you want to get plugged into this new technology wave that is going to revolutionize the industry, go check out this conference, it’s a great conference.

Steve, thank you so much for your time today.

Steve: Well, thank you.

Mark: Yeah. If people – if people want to learn more about Elynx, where should they go?

Steve: Our website, www.elynxtech.com

Mark: Yeah. And, we’ll put a link in the show notes people, so you can just click on it.

So, Steve have a great day.

Steve: Thank you so much. I enjoyed it.

Mark: Yeah. So, folks I hope this helped. We’ll see you next time.


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