Come learn how Steve Wilson and his company Datum360 are revolutionizing the world of engineering information. A great interview filmed at OilComm 2014. To learn more about what they are doing click here.

Speaker1: Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


Speaker1: All right. Today, we’re at OilComm with Steve Wilson with Datum360. Steve, how are you doing?

Speaker2: Hey, Mark. It’s good to be here.

Speaker1: It’s great to have you on the show. So, I have a little discussion with you, tell me a little bit about what Datum360 is doing right now?

Speaker2: Well, we’re a team of engineering information management specialist. We’re based in Teesside in the UK, we’ve got offices in Aberdeen and London. We’ve got teams spread around the world helping the owner operators specify, capture, and manage their engineering information.

Speaker1: All right. So, you’re talking to the owner operators, the big super majors some of the biggest companies in the world. Can you tell me some of the things they struggle with from the engineering data area?

Speaker2: Well, this is a really long running challenge that the industry is being faced with. If we go back twenty years, the industry has been trying to specify the engineering information they require for operations, but it’s always been a – it’s kind of an area of where that’s always forgotten about our left too late or somebody started out late. So, it’s a challenge for the industry to go into operations with this full set of engineering information they need.

You know if you go and run an oil and gas facility, you need the physical thing and you need the digital asset now and that digital asset needs to be as complete as possible. And that’s our mission in life is engineering information as it should be.

Speaker1: All right. So are you finding that when you come into some of these large organizations, they have engineering data all over the place?

Speaker2: It varies. It’s not specific to any particular country. There are different companies around the world that do it better than others. But it’s generally an area where, you know, engineers know that they need engineering information on a day-to-day basis, but it’s often not built into the day-to-day processes. You know the whole industry on the way in which we build and design these facilities often on a silo basis. So, there’s a big initiative now to try and de-silo the community and that’s something that we’re actively involved in.

Speaker1: So, when you come in and de-silo this, right? And you touch these assets, what’s the end result?

Speaker2: The end result are engineers that can honestly just get on with the job rather than spending three hours or three days in a recent instance trying to find the engineering information that they need to do the day-to-day work. The end result for us is engineers and teams just getting on with the actual tests that they should be doing, not wasting the time looking for information that should just be there at a click of a button.

Speaker1: Yeah, that is fascinating work and I can see there’s a need for it. So, if somebody wants to find out more about Datum360, where would they go?

Speaker2: Well, there’s our website, and we’re on LinkedIn as well and be absolutely delighted to talk to anybody about the challenges of delivering engineering information as it should be.

Speaker1: Yeah. And folks you don’t need to be writing this stuff down, we’ll put a link on the show notes so you can go straight to Steve’s company.

All right, Steve, look, I really appreciate your time. Enjoy the show. Thanks for chatting with us.

Speaker2:  Thank you very much, Mark. You too.