• May 23, 2013
  • Mark LaCour
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Crazy question I know. But some of us value our automobiles for more than just simple transportation. Some of us form emotional attachments to our cars. We see personality in them, have shared experiences and enjoy our interactions.

If your that sort of person, then these pics are obviously not just mechanical parts and pieces. These pics are of my girls. The red is the old and the black is the new.

The red has been a long time companion. A bit of a flirt that doesn’t mind the attention. A top performer that is equally at home in the black tie cocktail parties of the oil & gas world and the mundane world of beltway traffic. We’ve journeyed through raging hurricanes and made fast sprints in order to make that last minute meeting. We’ve hauled groceries, clients and Labradors with no complaints. And probably spent way to much time in the triple digit zone. To her next owner, please treat her well. Keep her well fed on super and every now and then sink your right foot to the floor and listen to her sing in pleasure at the 7500 redline.

The black is new to our household. A bit more sinister than the red, but equally as curvaceous. She is destined to be a high performer, but may struggle with the trail of lesser beings that she leaves in her wake. Coming home for the first time, I could feel her smile at being pushed into a corner hard. And she was unabashedly laughing as we blasting out of the apex struggling to keep her rear end connected to the pavement. Yes, she will fit right in.

So I dream of my cars. I wonder if our cars dream of us…?