• May 4, 2014
  • Mark LaCour
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Tech Talk

A few months ago, I facilitated a panel of 4 Technology executives at a conference in Houston.  The panel was comprised of 3 great leaders in the O&G space and 1 government executive.  I had a series of questions prepared and as any good panelist would do, I asked for input from them prior to the event.  The topic at hand was “Marketing IT to the Business”.

In the world of IT, the topic of marketing and branding IT departments is one that gets discussed on an ongoing basis.  It’s often referred to as “Value of IT”.  The idea is that IT leaders and teams must continually generate value and tell other business leaders how they are contributing to the mission of the business.

Easier said than done!

As the panel discussion proceeded, the resonating theme was that “Marketing” is just a delivery mechanism whereby generating and delivering value was the ultimate goal.  The panel, the audience and I arrived at the conclusion that value generation,  not marketing speak, is the most critical component of these executive’s goals and aspirations.

What does that have to do with marketing, sales and account management?  Everything.  In my opinion, IT Execs, marketing and sales leaders have much in common.  We all seek to…

1.       Understand perceptions from our customers and being empathic to their needs.

2.       Ask the right questions.

3.       Communicate value vs. features/functions.

4.       Build relationships…based on mutual respect.

5.       Take action and delivering great service.

6.       and establish behaviors that reinforce steps 1-5.

If tech leaders are seeking excellence in their value delivery and articulating marketing and value delivery, shouldn’t we as marketing and sales professionals seek to do the same?  Don’t be a “Tech-Hole”.  First deliver value and then speak In a language that everyone can understand.


Contributor Tom Rubenak works with the world’s largest and most prestigious research firm focusing on technology and its impact on business and society.  In his current role as a Director with Gartner Invest, he help investment banks, private equity and VC firms identify and close more deals, save time and reduce risk associated with their deal flow and investments. Find out more about him at http://www.linkedin.com/in/tomrubenak