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Mark:  Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

All right. Once again sitting at Whole Foods. Did you notice I shoot a lot of videos here because it’s a really cool place even though it’s a grocery store.

And, we’re sitting here with Thomas from MudLabs. How are you doing today, Thomas?

Thomas: I’m doing great. Thank you.

Mark: Thomas does something really, really fascinating. If you don’t know what a drilling mud is it’s what you pump in the hole while they’re drilling that gets the fragments out and help lubricate stuff and helps them maintain control of the well.

But, Thomas MudLabs does something that I’ve never even heard before. You’re able to look at that drilling mud in real time, right?

Thomas: That’s right. That’s right. We have a couple of solutions, we have a near time solution where we can pull up onto a drilling rig with our mobile laboratory collect a number of different samples from different points throughout the circulation process, run those tests on site and then depending upon the customer requirements, we can make changes to the drilling fluid properties as well as the salt control properties.

Mark: Yeah. And, let me tell you what’s really cool about this, in this low crude price environment, you’re actually talking about efficiencies, right?

Thomas: That’s right. That’s right. There’s a big performance boost whenever you monitor the – the particle size distribution of the drilling fluids. Really trying to remove those coarse solids before they have the chance to degrade beyond the point of mechanical separation where you can get them out with the centrifuge or a shale shaker screen. Making sure that that is accomplished is really, really the backbone to the – to the [IP] that we have.

Mark: So, you realized he’s driving efficiencies in the field, he’s driving cost down and you’re actually increasing the amount of drilling you could per day at the same time, right?

Thomas: That’s right. That’s right. Anytime you drill a lower salt content mud, you always have performance increases rate of penetration, hole cleaning, and other different factors related to drilling fluids.

Mark: Yeah. So, if you’re out there in the world and you’re an operator service company and you want to drive some efficiencies and costings, you need to reach out to Thomas.

Thomas, if people want to learn more about you and your company and what you do, where should they go?

Thomas: Sure. You can go to or you can call us 844-MUDLABS.

Mark: Yeah. So, folks we’ll put a link in the show notes so you don’t have to be writing stuff down.

Thomas, man, thank you so much for your time.

Thomas: Thank you very much.

Mark: Folks, I hope this helped, we will see you next time.