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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

Hi. Today, we’re at NAPE and we have over 11,000 people show up today, so even when it’s low crude prices, people are still coming.  So, we’re sitting here at Seven Lakes Technologies with James.

How are you doing, James?

James: I’m doing all right.

Mark: And Seven Lakes does some really awesome stuff, right? They touch operational efficiencies, they touch process excellence. What they really allow companies to do is streamline what runs in their back office. Is that pretty close?

James: Yeah. It’s actually very accurate, yeah.

Mark: And, then y’all have three different components, right? You have a field data collection component?

James: Yeah, absolutely. We also have a work flow applications that touch various subject matter and we also have data analytics that helps basically your users in your company to be able to get to the data that you have locked away in all your different enterprise systems.

Mark: Now, one of the things that y’all do I find amazing is that you’re not customizable, you’re configurable, right?

James: It’s a big difference. Right. So, some companies will come to you and give you a framework. It’s kind of like showing up with hammer and nails and 2 x 4s and handing them to you and saying, go build something. What Seven Lakes does is we actually come with a pretty much already built options, so it’s like having a house and saying, what color do you want the siding and you want vinyl or aluminum windows, and you make those decisions yourself on a pretty much already built product.

Mark: Yeah. So, it’s really easy to install, you all have these overhead of custom app devs and people sitting on your premise?

James: Correct. Absolutely right. So, it is a really short time to value, right? So, some of our applications can be stood up in just inside a few weeks rather than maybe months or years if you are with other providers.

Mark: So, folks if you are in the oil and gas company or any company and you’re looking to drive efficiencies in your front office, your back office, in your operations, if you’re looking to do some knowledge transfer reach out to Seven Lakes.

James, if people want to find out more about Seven Lakes, where should they go?

James:Yeah. Visit us at

Mark:  Yeah. Folks, I hope that helped. We will see you next time.