• November 11, 2013
  • Mark LaCour
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Have you ever wondered about the connection between business and food in the oil and gas industry? It’s unique and it’s globally prevalent.

It all started in the 1820’s when the first intentional drilling for oil started, in some very remote regions of North America and Russia. Actual camps had to be built for the men and machinery, as they were many miles away from civilization.

At the center of these oil camps culture was the cook and the mess tent. This is where all the men at different social levels met and enjoyed great food and each other company. It was the only place in the world at that time, that a rich oil baron would happily share a meal with a field hand.

A lot of innovation and great business ideas came out of this mashup, and a lot of money was made. So this practice of doing business while enjoying a good meal was born.

And it’s obviously still here today…