Some final tips to make the most out of Offshore Technology Conference.
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Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. It’s that time, it’s T-time, it’s the week before OTC. We spend a lot of time and effort   helping me get prep for it, this is the week before, so we’re going to do one last show to help you get everything together to get the most out of OTC. All right?

So, first thing is if you subscribe to my monthly newsletter, you noticed I gave away free passes to OTC from our friends at Cameron. What? You don’t subscribe to my newsletter? Then you missed out on free stuff like that which is worth several hundred dollars. Subscribe to my newsletter, it comes out once a month, we help you understand which oil and gas events are going on and what are the key things that you can accomplish there. Everybody loves my newsletter it’s great resource, so go to my website and sign up for it now.

Next thing, I’ll be at OTC the entire week, so shoot me an e-mail shoot me a text whatever, reach out and if I can, I’ll connect. I’ll have a whole gang of people with me. I have all the gas executives, I have people that are just now getting into the industry, I have former clients of mine, I have new clients of mine, I have friends of mine, so just being included in my network of people will be a great business thing for you. So, like I said, reach out.

Also, don’t forget to use #OTCHouston while you’re sending your tweets. This way you can actually go back and see what type of traffic is going on, not only from potential people that you can do business with, but also people that are actually running the show.

Then, we’re going to have two hyperlinks on this post. We’re giving away a free exhibitor list, right? So you can go through and see everybody who’s attending at OTC and where they are and we’re giving away a free map. This way you can actually plan out your time at OTC on paper and have something to follow.

And then finally, don’t forget, I mean my phone has been ringing off the hook, but we’re waiting ‘till the week after OTC, we’re going to give away 19,000 oil and gas contacts for free. So stay tuned for that. Hopefully this helps and we’ll see you at the Reliant Center.