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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

All right. We’re sitting in frigid Houston, because it’s below 60. That’s really cold for Houston. And we’re sitting here with Paul with Mobideo.

How are you doing, Paul?

Paul: I’m doing great, Mark. How are you?

Mark: I’m doing very good.

All right. We ran into each other and your company does something that’s utterly fascinating. You’re basically combining the ability to take work processes and documents and combine it with technology, so it automate so much stuff out there. Let’s talk a little bit about that.

Paul: Yeah. Mark, you know we really sit in the intersection of mobility, the internet of things, and the ubiquitous cloud technology we have now. And we’re bringing all that together to enable people to really push detailed activities out to the field organizations and get real time insight into what’s going on over there.

Mark: Yeah.  And so, one of the things when I looked at your product is literally y’all can build any custom workflow that matches whatever the company’s standard processes, but then it can be pushed out to guys in the field so the company knows they’re doing it or knows they’re not doing it the right way.

Paul: Yes. So, unlike a lot of our competitors, we don’t come to the table with any pre – pre-built processes that kind of try and get you to — to fit your business into. We’ve got a lot to fit into technology around a dynamic data model, so we effectively go to organizations that are great processes today where they’re struggling to get those processes to work in real field situations. They’re all suffering from the dark side of the moon problem which is you got guys in the field not entirely sure what they’re doing.

And the responsiveness to change is you know is dramatically impacted by, been able to get real time insight into those existing business processes.

Mark: And so, one of the things that I found that was like – like aha moment to me is if somebody implements your solution you actually lower cost, but increase production at the same time?

Paul: Yeah. Well, I mean if you’ve got more effective use of your field resources but because your management agility is dramatically increased, our customers are telling us they’re getting 50%  potential cost savings in the field because of 100% productivity gains.

And, it’s not just the productivity and efficiency of human resources plant and machinery in the field that’s ineffective in the wrong place at the wrong time, that’s all costing you money.

Mark: Yeah. So, Paul has a fascinating website. I suggest if you’re company out there and you’re looking at process improvement or even if you’re not and you want to learn more, go to their website.

Paul, what’s your website?


Mark: And, we’ll stick in the show notes so you don’t have to be writing anything down.

So, Paul, thank you so much your time today.

Paul: Thanks, Mark. It’s been a pleasure.

Mark: Yeah. So, folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.