Come learn how SEEForge is revolutionizing the collect of field data, showing real-time insights into operations and bridging the gap between field operators and executives in the Oil and Gas industry. To learn more about them click here.

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Mark: Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


Today, we’re in beautiful downtown Houston with James with SEE Forge. Hey, James.

James: How you doing, Mark?

Mark: I’m very good. And, James has this fascinating company that does this awesome stuff and I’m going to try to explain a little bit about what they do, then we’re going to talk to James, but this stuff is like state of the art really cool. If you’re in oil and gas company you need to check out their website and see what they’re doing because it’s revolutionary and at the same time it’s extremely safe and it’s something very valuable to organization.

So, James, I’m going to try to explain what y’all do and then we’ll let you explain to see how close I get.

James: Sure.

Mark: Y’all are a technology company that has come up with a way to automate a lot of the work flow in business processes, right? But you have come up a way to do it where the end user does not have to know anything about IT, it’s literally drag and drop, you build whatever application that you want without them having to know any code, I haven’t talked to anybody in IT and then you immediately deploy it across any device that you want it deploy, does that sound about right?

James: Yeah, of course we’re – we built a platform that someone with no technology experience can basically drag and drop and customize what they’re currently doing via clipboard and deploy that to the enterprise and basically copy it new by a clipboard on turn app.

Mark:                          And it’s so cool. So, the guys in the field that are now doing all this stuff on paper and I know who you are because I see y’all daily on the well sites, right? All your HSD reports, all your environmental reports, all your production reports, James can make all that go away and not only can he make it go away, he makes it easy for the end-user, ridiculously easy and then for the people back in headquarters, they get all the stuff in real time.

So, James, so you make it easier on the people on the field, you get rid of the clip boards and the paper, but you also have some very sophisticated technology that’s given metrics in reporting back, right?

James: Yes. So, not only automating the clip board problem which everyone hates paperwork out in the field. There is the work flow, so where does that task mean to originate to as well as you’re capturing that information for some sort of reason. And so you want reporting, analytics, and maybe predictive analytics where to mitigate some sort of risk that might be happening to prevent downtime or some sort of safety incident. That whole work flow from field data capture, work flow animation, and automating the report and the visualization, we do that intent.

Mark: Yeah. And let me tell you, right now there’s low crude prices, everybody in upstream and the parts of service that touch that are screaming about operational efficiency. I am talking to Mr. Operational Efficiency right now. This is some really great stuff. We’re going to throw up a screen shot of some of the work that James did so you can see this and we’ll put it up right here.

All right. So here, you can see how easy, you just open the software and you’re going to name the project. In this case we’ll call it, “Mark’s safety checklist,” and then just drag and drop, click on whether you need multiple choice, digital signature, yes, no. And you can see right here you can see what it looks like in the actual preview on a mobile device. Then you go ahead and enter your questions, make sure it has a yes, no answer, require a signature.

And you can see your dashboard and you can see all your recording, how easy it is all that field information is right in front of you. Then, you basically just click to create the mobile apps and it works on all mobile devices. And you can of course see what it looks like. And notice, no need to understand IT at all, you’re just dragging and dropping stuff, right? And once again, you can look at all the analytics in real time. So, how cool is this? I mean this is just revolutionary by SEE Forge. Great stuff.

But, James if anybody want to learn more about what you and your company are doing, where should they go?

James: Best to go online at

Mark: Yeah. And, we’ll throw a link up in the show notes. So, James thank you so much for your time.

James: Thank you.

Mark: Folks, I hope this helped. We will see you next time.