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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry?

All right. So, you know I always say that let’s learn something new. This is new, but we’re sitting here with BB Denson.

How are you doing, BB?

BB: I’m doing great. Thanks, Mark.

Mark: So, we had you on the show once before talking about your original book which was?

BB: Gary the Go-Cart: Wind Blows.

Mark: And so, we’ll put a link to that interview because that was a great interview, but you now have a second book out, don’t you?

BB: I do indeed. It is Gary the Go-Cart: Carbon Comes Out of the Closet.

Mark: And so, Gary the Go-Cart is the reoccurring character here. What is the carbon out of the closet? What’s all that about?

BB: Well, in the book I have Gary is storing his carbon in his closet and he lets it out whenever he realizes that the plants need carbon to live and his conscience won’t let him continue storing in his closet, so he lets it out.

But, the reason I title the book the way I did is because I realized when I wanted to write a book on carbon, I realized that there will going to be a lot of people who are going to vilify me for it because they make fun of those of us that don’t believe in man-made catastrophic climate change. And, as I was thinking I’m going to come out of the closet and admit that I am climate denier, I prefer to say they’re the science deniers. But I – so that was where the double entendre came from, so.

Mark: Yeah. And so, this is a children’s book to help children understand the truth about things like carbon dioxide?

BB: That’s correct. It’s a very complicated subject and I wanted to take the information that I had seen by seeing countless presentations at conferences with a lot of data, a lot of charts, a lot of graphs, and try and make it simple enough for a kid to understand.

You know there’s a lot of people out there that might be really, really smart people, but they’re not used to reading the charts and graphs and things the way a lot of us in our industry are and we take so much of that for granted.

But, I really – I wanted to just make the points easy enough hopefully, you know, when the parents read this to the kids, then – and I’ve seen some people seen the light bulbs go off and, “oh, that’s what’s that all about,” so that was my point.

Mark: Yeah. So, it’s really cool, you’re now telling the other story that gets drowned out by the people scream the most that don’t understand the science and you’re doing it in a way that children can understand. So now, the children will be better educated on the truth around carbon and carbon dioxide.

BB: Well, yes.  I think we’ve had the facts on our side for a very, very long time. The problem is that we do a terrible job of expressing it in a way that most people can understand. I have to apologize for my voice today, I sound like Suzanne Pleshette I’m a little hoarse. And I now know that everybody that’s watching this they’re in their 20’s, they’re giggling who was Suzanne Pleshette, I apologize.

Mark: I know who Suzanne Pleshette is actually. All right. So, this is really cool. And the last time we did this, we got a lot of attention. If somebody wanted to buy your book, where should they go?

BB: You can get it on of course. Amazon has on occasion been playing some funny games with my books. One time they wiped out all of my reviews, one time they cranked the price up to $125, so I have lately been telling people go to Barnes and Noble. It’s tiny bit cheaper there.

But – and you can get it anywhere online, you can get it at your local bookstore, if you order it, or bookstores – independent bookstores you can go and order it. It is print on demand though, so if it’s – if they haven’t already bought a slew of them, then it’s – you have to come back later and pick it up.

Mark: Yeah. So, we’ll stick a bunch of links in the show notes. If you have children, if you have grandchildren, if you have other people’s children you want to help educate here, Barbara’s books are fantastic. They’re easy read, they tell a great story from – from the facts around our industry.

So, go ahead, Barbara.

BB: Oh, I was just going to point out that as I did in my first book, I have a section that I call for The Adults in the Room and that helps explains some of the things I have had. Some people when they first have read my books, they’ll say, I don’t understand why are you saying that. So, if you’re not up to speed on all of the things that these are referencing, then there are some information in the back that helps explain it for the adults so when you’re talking to the kids you better understand it.

Mark: Yeah. So, basically you get two books for one – one cost. So, Barbara thank you so much for being on the show.

BB: Thank you for having me, Mark.

Mark: So, folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.