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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

All right. You hear me tell this crazy story all the time about how me and my guest in this case, Nick, can’t get in the same city at the same time. This was even crazier. Him and I were actually in the same city, we’re both in Houston last – was it last week?

Nick: It was last week, Mark.

Mark: At OTC, but we couldn’t get this done. So, you’re back in Canada, right? I’m back in Richmond and we’re doing this via Skype because Nick has a really awesome show. In fact, I’d like to call it the OTC of Canada coming out.

And what’s the name of the show, Nick?

Nick: That is the – it is the Global Petroleum Show. And we’re very proud to be celebrating our fiftieth anniversary. 1968, the show was founded. And these fifty years is very exciting for us not just for where we’ve come to, but also looking forward ahead to the next fifty years.

Mark: Yeah.

Nick: So, we’ve got lots of new and exciting things that are – that are happening this year up in Calgary.

Mark: And, Nick, when is the show?

Nick: So, the show is June 12th-14thand it’s at the Calgary – the very famous Calgary Stampede fairgrounds and the BMO Center which is the very large and modern exhibition and conference center that’s located right on the grounds.

Mark: So, if – so there’s still time for vendors and exhibitors to sign up and be able to get in front of all these upstream operators?

Nick: Well, I got to tell you, I mean we have had – there’s still time for vendors, that’s a really good question. So, we’re 90% sold out, that includes both the indoor and the outdoor space. We’re probably adding – this is a really busy time for us. We’re adding ten to twenty new exhibitors a week right now.

Mark: Wow.

Nick: So, we are adding and we’ve generated a tremendous amount of interest not just from here North America, but we get exhibitors coming to the show from more than fifty countries.

Mark: Yeah. And then, as attendee what is cool is I literally get to walk into a building. Literally, I get to walk from the hotel to the building and everybody is there at – so I can go talk to multiple people from different countries all in oil and gas industry in one place at one time.

Nick: Yeah. I mean it’s really a dynamic show floor and a meeting place. You know it is one of North America’s most significant events and it happens to take place obviously in the great energy hub here in Calgary. But, you know getting national oil companies obviously lots of independent oil companies participating, all the big service companies, technology companies.

In fact, we have more than one thousand companies represented on the show floor and exhibitors alone and that doesn’t count all those other great participants that are, you know, obviously participating in the other activities like the conference and so on.

Mark: Yeah. And so, if you’re out there if you’re in the oil and gas industry, if you’re looking to learn about the oil and gas industry and definitely if you’re in sales and/or marketing, you need to be there.

Now, Nick, you are kind enough to invites us as press, so we’re going to try to get up there. We have some conflicts. I’m not sure which one of us if any is going up there, but we definitely want to go to the show. This is one of the premiere events in the world.

Nick, if people wanted to learn more and sign up, where should they go?

Nick: You’d want to just go to the – to  That website has everything you need. And, Mark, we very much are looking forward to having someone from your team come up and if not, we’re going to have obviously lots of coverage. We’ve got tons of media coming, in fact, it’s unprecedented this year. It’s a whole week of activities. I mean you’ve got an awards gala that’s kicking off on the Tuesday night of the events. That’s going to be four to six hundred people recognizing the best in innovation. We have award recipients from all across North America and internationally as well and that’s in its third year, so very successful program.

On day two, of course you’ve got the exhibition that’s happening and then we have our fiftieth anniversary celebration concert. It’s going to be a fantastic event. And we expect three to four thousand people there. Registration is going through the roof on that one. Really, really exciting.

Over and above that, you know we’ve got programs like Country Markets that brings together over twenty different countries that are going to be presenting oil and gas opportunities and international investment opportunities from different oil markets all around the globe.

And of course, you know that being part of DMG events, the Global Petroleum Show is connected with the world’s largest oil and gas exhibition which  ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi and our famous Gastech event which we just announced our launch of course is coming to Houston in 2019. So, we’ve got the benefit of more than fifty energy events and attendees that we reach out to a market for this event. So, it makes a really, really dynamic not just show floor, but so many other elements. As you know I could go on and on, but, yes, it’s

And, most definitely if you can make it up, it’s I think you’ll find it a very worthwhile and fun experience as well. There’s lots of great stuff happening there.

Mark: Yeah. So, folks go. Hit me up on Twitter if you go. I’d love to come meet you in person. We’re going to get somebody up there no matter what. Hopefully, it’s me.

Nick, I really appreciate this. We’ll put a link in the show notes, so people you can just click on that link and go straight to the website.

Nick, thank you so much for your time today.

Nick: All right. Great to talk to you again, Mark. We’ll see you soon. Take care.

Mark: That’s awesome.

Nick: All right.

Mark: So, folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.