• March 29, 2014
  • Mark LaCour
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Want to drive some serious new sales opportunities with oil & gas companies? Watch to learn how, plus what common mistake to keep from making.


Transcript of Session –

Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. This show is on luncheon learns, something that so many people do wrong in the oil and gas industry. Somebody asked me this question this week and I thought it would be a great blog post.

So normally what a company does for luncheon learn, they get a roomful of prospects and then they do their standard sales spiel whatever PowerPoint presentation sales materials they have to try to convert these prospects to leads. That’s the wrong way to do it, don’t do that. Here’s the right way to do a luncheon learn.

Basically, you figure out who has the problem that your product or solution solves and you figure out who has that title what are their roles and that’s what you use to source your prospect list for your luncheon learn. Then, the next thing you do is figure out what other interest that you have in common. So let me give you an example.

I have a client that makes intrinsically safe tablets and smartphones, right? And so, they wanted to do a luncheon learn and the way we would do it, instead of us doing the standard sales spiel on why you should buy these intrinsically safe rugged cellphones and tablets, we actually found an expert on the subject of intrinsically safe and explosion proof environments. So we brought him as a subject matter expert and he actually led a panel discussion on how different companies handle explosion and hazardous environments, right?

And so, everybody in the audience were all peers and so they started having peer to peer discussions. They absolutely love this, right? So instead of them being sold to, they actually got to interact with their peers and learn how they handle hazardous conditions and this is all facilitated by the leader of our luncheon learn.

So what happens when my client sales team followed up with these guys, 97% of them accepted a sales meeting because they got so much value up the luncheon learn.

If you want some more help go here How to get People to Attend Your Lunch and Learn

So hopefully it helps. If you need some more info around that, feel free to reach out to me, I’d be happy to help. We will see you next time.