As an author, I know that writing 1,000 words per day for 60 days results in a book. By writing an additional 200 words a day, making my total word count 1,200 words instead of 1,000 words, I cut ten days off the time it takes me to write a book. By writing a couple of additional paragraphs each day, I have pulled that result forward.Pull Results Forward

If you make 20 outbound calls a day, or 100 a week, resulting in your booking five appointments, you will visit with around 250 prospective clients in a year. Dialing the phone and additional five times each day results in another 25 calls weekly, and one additional appointment. Instead of seeing 250 clients over the course of the year, you will see 300. This means you will have pulled most of the meetings you would have had in the first quarter of the following year into this year.

Let’s apply this same thinking to winning deals. How do you move a deal forward in time?

If your sales process takes an average 180 days to complete, deciding to compress the time required to have all the necessary meetings, can shorten the time it takes to win deals. For example, if you typically wait until you’re deep into the discovery process before bringing in the stakeholders who will need to support your initiative, moving these stakeholders into the conversation sooner not only improve the likelihood of your winning, it can also shorten the sales cycle.

By doing what you might do over the course of 4 sales calls in 2 sales calls instead, you start to pull your results forward, and you reduce the time it takes to win a deal, and you pull the results forward for your client at the same time.

While there is nothing novel or magic about anything written above, most of us don’t spend enough time thinking about how to pull the results we want forward in time, and most of us don’t take the necessary actions to do so.

What results do you need now, and how do you pull those results forward?

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Anthony Iannarino

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