Is it workingIf your dream client could produce the results that they need without your help, they’d already be producing those results.

If your competitor, the company and people serving your dream client now, could help them produce those results, they’d have already done so.

If the financial investment your dream client was making was enough for them to be completely satisfied, that would be the right financial investment.

If continuing to do things the way they’ve always done was going get them where they wanted to go, you wouldn’t find your dream client where you found them.

No doubt, you agree with these ideas. Your experience tells you that you are true. You know that if your dream client really wants what they want, they’re going to need to change, and maybe more than they think.

What’s harder to see is, however, is how much we are like our clients.

Just the Same Way 

If what you are doing right now was producing the results you want, you’d already be producing those results, wouldn’t you?

If your client acquisition efforts were enough to get you the clients you need, you’d have those clients. If what you are doing here isn’t getting you those clients, what do you need to change?

If the way you sell was enough to command the investment you require, you’d have no trouble acquiring that investment. If how you sell isn’t working to allow you to capture the appropriate share of the value you create, you need to change the way you sell.

If you want to be a change agent, then you first have to be able to make changes yourself. When you recognize how difficult this is for you, you’ll know why it’s so difficult for your clients.

Your potential exceeds anything you can imagine, and it’s your job to reach that potential, an impossible feat, but one worth pursuing. What do you have to change to get closer to your full potential?

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