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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry. All right. Today, we’re sitting here with Jake, with GDS Ware. How are you doing, Jake?

Jake: I’m pretty good. How about yourself, Mark?

Mark: Awesome. And, we’re going to learn what he does and what his company does because he has a fascinating story. So, Jake, one of the problems in oil and gas industry because it’s a lot of legacy systems is companies have all these multiple of internal systems that don’t talk to each other, the data silo is antiquated and I think you fixed that, do you not?

Jake: I believe so, at least that’s what we’re trying for.

Mark: Yeah. So, tell me a little bit about GDS Ware and what you all do?

Jake: Okay. So, we provide companies essentially with a centralized platform to integrate all of their disparate business systems that they’re using currently, so we can either come and replace them with a systems with newer technology or integrate the legacy systems like you mentioned. Provide them with a centralized location to manage all of their processes, view analytics, KPIs, and centralized all of their reporting.

Mark: And all that stuff is real time?

Jake: All real time.

Mark: And what type of process did you actually touched there in oil and gas industry?

Jake: Most of the production processes include drilling completions, well planning, any type of workovers. Managing your production in general, so gathering information from the field from the pumpers, tying that into skid information if it’s automated. This also ties into the whole production accounting process, so managing your joint interest billing, division orders, authorizations for expenditures. And this also includes, you know, the creation of wellbore diagrams, tying that to your workovers. And then like I mentioned, you know, also the reporting and the analytics on top of that.

Mark: Holy shit. Nobody’s doing that right now. This is something that the industry struggles with on a daily basis especially a lot of the mid-sized production companies. This is incredible. How long have you been in business?

Jake: We’ve been around since 2010.

Mark: Wow. So you’ve been around for at least four years. Good for you all. Good for you all. And that you’re growing?

Jake: We are growing. You know we are I would consider still a startup. We’re rapidly growing. Given the current environment of the industry, you know it is hard to break in whenever everyone is – they have the mentality if it’s not broke don’t fix it. And because a lot of the problems they’ve been dealing with for so long and they feel they can keep moving the same direction. But, you know, through my experiences I think a lot of people are starting to realize that these are major pain points within an organizations and that they have a great, great amount of improvement to still…

Mark: Get done?

Jake: Get done. Yeah. Exactly.

Mark: Yeah. And with this low crude prices, think about what Jake and his company does, they affect operational efficiency through the enterprise. That’s huge when you have low crude prices.
So, Jake, man, congratulations on the success. If people wanted to find out more about what you do, where should they go?

Jake: You can check us out at or on Twitter, @GDSWare or you can find myself, @JacobCorley.

Mark: Yeah. And, we’ll put some links in the show notes, so you don’t have to write this stuff down. Well, Jake, man, I really appreciate your time.

Jake: All right, Mark. I appreciate it.

Mark: All right, folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.