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Mark:                          Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


Mark:                          All right. Today, we’re sitting here with Dustin with Benchmark Petroleum Institute.

Good morning, Dustin.

Dustin:                       Good morning.

Mark:                          And we’re going to talk a little bit about what they do because it intersects the industry in a way that’s a huge business driver. So, Dustin what does Benchmark do?

Dustin:                       We train specialty roles in oil and gas such as MWD, directional drilling, you know, of course all the safety, any specialty role in oil and gas is what we’re wanting to train.

Mark:                          So, I talk about this all the time how talent is a major business driver in oil and gas right now and there’s something called The Great Crew Change. Are you familiar with The Great Crew Change?

Dustin:                       Yes, I am.

Mark:                          Can you explain what it is?

Dustin:                       Oh, what I’ve heard is that close to seven or 50% of oil and gas workers right now are close to the age of retiring. So, all that experience, knowledge, and talent is leaving the oil and gas over the next seven, eight years.

Mark:                          So, you’re absolutely right. And so, the businesses see that and they’re trying to figure a way around it because unfortunately there’s no secret supply of talent. Now, what you all do is interesting. You all can take somebody that doesn’t know a certain craft in oil and gas industry and you can give them the skills, right?

Dustin:                       Absolutely. We can give them a working knowledge so when they go in there’s no base – they have a good solid base where they can train from.

Mark:                          So companies reach out to you all when they’re looking to train what type of crafts?

Dustin:                       MWD specifically, also directional drilling as well as floor hands.

Mark:                          So, directional drilling is hot with all the frackings, same way with floor hands. What’s MWD?

Dustin:                       Measuring While Drilling. It’s the tool that goes behind the drill when they’re horizontal.

Mark:                          Okay. So you’re all really getting some technical skillsets here, right? This isn’t like welding and pipe fitting, this is like very technical jobs?

Dustin:                       Yes, sir.

Mark:                          So, can you tell me a little bit about the type of people that you all train, usually how long does it take?

Dustin:                       Well, for the MWD and the directional drilling, our classes our two weeks and that’s, you know, 2, 5 days work week and then we train everybody from established hands that are, you know, mudloggers that want to do something else, people just trying to get into  the industry. There’s a broad scope, I don’t think we have a standard kind of student to train.

Mark:                          Okay. So, it’s just a cross board, whoever needs a skillset, you all can give them the skillsets. And so, what is the benefit to the company that’s hiring the skilled workers?

Dustin:                       Well, you don’t have to spend – you don’t have to have your experience hands training them. Instead of them spending the time that you’re paying for them to do their job, they can go out and make you money instead of have to sit back and train a new hand.

Mark:                          So, I can see that. I can see the experience drill hand being able to continue do his job and you all bring somebody up to speed and just put him in the workforce.

All right. So, folks I hope this helps you understand how much the oil and gas industry is struggling for talent when there’s companies that do nothing but do that type of knowledge transfer and take somebody that doesn’t have that experience and give it to him so the oil and gas industry can hire him.

So, Dustin I want to say I very much appreciate your time. I know you’re a busy man. If somebody wants to get in touch with Benchmark, how would they do that?

Dustin:                       Well, we have a website. It’s BMPTI.com or you can call us at 713-400-7815.

Mark:                          Yeah. And, folks I’ll put a link on the web note so you can just click and go. I appreciate your time, Dustin.

I hope this helps. We will see you next time.