Part 1 of a 2 part series on LAGCO (Louisiana Gulf Coast Oilfield Expo) and building your marketing strategy for oil & gas. Interview with Jeff Means with VoltPotential where he tells the story of how we did not want to sell anything to him.

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Transcript of Session –

Mark:                          Hey, folks. Road trip.


Okay. As you can tell the show is different. This is part one of a two-part series focused around LAGCOE which is the Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Field Expo.

They hold a show every other year in Lafayette, Louisiana and it’s a very hands on trade show. It’s one of my go-to shows when I have a client that has an actual product that they want to sell especially if it’s somehow relates to the nuts and bolts of the oilfield industry.

So, the first part of the show, what we’re going to do is we’re going to do is we’ve actually have a quick interview with somebody that found me through our marketing efforts just to show you that it actually works and it can work well when it’s done correctly.

And the second part, we’re going to actually talk about the strategy of coming up with your marketing model.

Mark:                          So, Jeff how did you find me?

Jeff:                             Well, I was on LinkedIn and I noticed your presence over there. I thought it was an ad, Mark…

Mark:                          Right.

Jeff:                             …with you, but it led me over to your website and then eventually down to YouTube to all those videos. And, I got to tell you, I took my whole lunch hour and just went through, I think there are probably eighteen or twenty of them just, you know, quick three to four-minute information videos and I was like where have you been since I started my oil and gas campaign.

Mark:                          So, you found the videos helpful?

Jeff:                             Oh, very much so.

Mark:                          That’s good.

Jeff:                             Very much so.

Mark:                          So, you found me followed me to YouTube and then you reached out to me. Why?

Jeff:                             Yeah. Well, I just wanted to see what you could do just to help me out.

Mark:                          Okay.

Jeff:                             And we had that funny conversation, I told you what I was doing and you said, “Jeff, you’re already on your way. There’s nothing I can do to help you.” Well, actually you gave me some leads and you’ve been a great supporter including giving me the tip on the show here that I’m at in Lafayette.

Mark:                          So, a lot of people won’t believe this, so if you didn’t catch what Jeff said. He actually reached out to me and instead of trying to close in for business, I told him the truth which is he doesn’t need me. So it’s one thing about being a good consultant is there are times when you need to tell people that they don’t need to buy your services.

So, in the process of talking to me, I gave you some ideas that helped with your business?

Jeff:                             Oh, big time. Yeah. Actually, this conference, I didn’t even know about and you turned me into that. Now, there is cost to getting down here, but to attend, you know, there is no cost.

Mark:                          Right.

Jeff:                             And it’s given me a whole new perspective with the oil and gas business pertaining to the offshore. It opened up a whole another realm for me for my products and where I can go with that.

Mark:                          So, that’s cool. So you get to see another part of the industry you didn’t even know existed in a show that you didn’t know existed.

Jeff:                             Exactly.

Mark:                          Okay. Cool.

Jeff:                             Yeah. And a town I didn’t know existed.

Mark:                          And a town you didn’t know existed. This is a great town. All right, Jeff we don’t want to slow you up. Thanks for stopping by, thanks for spending the time with us and it’s – what we’re going to do is take your contact information – your company’s contact information and we’re going to post it on our blog.

So, if you’re watching this on YouTube, go to our blog. If you have an interest in what Jeff does and his company, please feel free to reach out to him.

Jeff:                             Thanks, Mark. I appreciate it.

Mark:                          Thank, Jeff. See you, man.