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Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

All right. We’re still at NAPE. We’re sitting here with Melissa and Jamie with TotaLand. How y’all doing?

Melissa: We’re doing pretty good. How are you?

Mark: Very good.

Jamie: Really good, Mark. Thanks for having us.

Mark: Yeah. And so, this is like a tradition with us, right? Every NAPE we end up, end up running across each other having a conversation.

Melissa, one of the things that you and I are talking about earlier which I found fascinating is that even in this low-crude price environment, TotaLand and with – along with y’all are actually doing stuff to try to help people in this low crude price market. Can we talk about that a little bit?

Melissa: Yeah, absolutely. We have a new product that we are planning to release that is going to allow some of our landmen during this downturn to leverage some of the assets that they may just have sitting at home. It’s going to be an e-Bay-style fashion and it’s going to allow them to use some of their documents resell them over and over again, so  like, you know, try to help our landmen out while the downturn is going on.

Mark: And so, but the other thing I hear in there is you’re actually digitalizing something that a lot of places in the world still done manually with paper?

Melissa: Absolutely. We are going to upload all of their images so that they don’t have to have it there. They can use it as a storage base as well. You don’t have to sell them, you can use it as like a glorified Dropbox if you’d like to just put all of your images up, we’ll figure out what way we get them scanned in and they’ll store them on tele market place.

Mark: Yeah. And, Jamie you and I were talking earlier. It’s in this market, it’s – there’s a lot of people that unfortunately have been laid off or lost their jobs, but it’s starting to look like that’s starting to change.

Jamie: Right. We suddenly see a bit of an upswing of things. I’m noticing a lot of – I pay a lot of attention to social media, particularly I’m seeing companies that are starting to reach out and look for landmen to come back. I think we are starting to see more positive stuff you know the best advice I give people just keep learning all you can and it is coming back. So, we are – I mean like I said we maintained a pretty good client-based through the downturn and we’re starting to see more users come back to using our system again.

Melissa:  WE are. Our user base is going pretty well. We’ve seen a gradual upsweep in our user base and it’s just constant every week, we’re seeing more and more come on and that is definitely a positive thing for us, so.

Mark: Yeah. But, it’s a credit to your company, so these people can go anywhere, but they’re coming back to TotaLand. Why do you think that’s happening?

Melissa: TotaLand has a great team. We all work together, we have some amazing ideas and our customer service is phenomenal. We, you know, if you have an issue, we’ll help you out, let’s figure out how we can get through this. We want to get through it together and we want to be there for you when you come out on the other side.

Mark: What – what’s so amazing that actually brought you back to TotaLand?

Jamie: Well, I’ve always enjoyed using the product. I remember working in the field sometimes and struggling with using Word – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office programs and, you know, spending all Monday morning just trying to put all these stuff together.

When I was using TotaLand, you know, simple matter of inputting all the data and a simple click of a button to generate ownership reports and turn it to our clients. It makes it real simple and I mean like I said I love the product since day one. It saves me so much time especially like generating leases.

I remember we, when we go out to buy leases, you spend half a morning trying to run that form through a printer just to line everything up, fight with everything, get all your information straight before you go get the ink.

TotaLand is simple matter of, again, inputting the data, click the generate the contract, and you can also generate other forms like your W9s and anything else to help you go. It saves a lot of time a lot of cost and I could see once as we’re bouncing back that’s going to be a major factor saving time and saving money for clients.

Melissa: Not to mention TotaLand it’s not something that you’re going to install on a computer, so you’re not going to have to come to office to utilize it. You can – it’s web-based, so you can log on anywhere. The users can log on anywhere. You don’t have to worry about formatting calculations, you don’t have to convert your fractions to decimals, we’re going to do that for you. The system is going to do it. Some people have issues with that.

Reporting, you know, dynamic reporting. Your boss is going to want the same report every Monday for the meeting. Just set it up as a favorite on your desktop and it’s going to do all the work for you, so you know.

Mark: Really, really cool stuff.

Jamie: Yeah. And, we – we also offer training. We have training webinars everyday and we also award one AAPL CE Continued Education credit for each video we offer. And, we could also tailor make different webinars, you know, if there’s specific features you – you want us to showcase, we’ll be more than happy to put that together, so.

Mark: And, I think another thing is a big strength of y’all is you mentioned AAPL, y’all have actually worked in the industry, y’all are both landmen, aren’t you?

Melissa:  I’m a seven-year landman and…

Jamie: Correct. I’ve been – right, I’ve been in the business several years. I’m also a registered landman looking eventually to go out to the next title move on, but, yeah, really keeping…

Melissa: We’re not just – we’re not just here programming or putting something together that we’ve never utilized or we’ve never seen a need for. We are landmen building the system. We work for the company, we know what you need. When you call and you tell us that you need something, we’re going to understand why it’s there and that’s what makes it so valuable is we’re landmen working for landmen.

Mark: Yeah. It’s actually one of the things I really love about this company, they’re like boots on the ground, get dirty, help their clients get stuff done.

So, if somebody wanted to learn more about TotaLand and what y’all are doing, where should they go?

Melissa: They should just go to I will point out that we have a free 45-day trial. It is completely free, no credit card required. You just come you sign up you do the trial. We’re not going to harass you. You know you make the decision you want to make.

Mark: So, folks we’ll stick a link in the show notes. If you have any interest in this company, go check out the free trial, I promise you, you’ll be glad you did.

So, Melissa and Jamie, thank you so much for your time today.

Melissa: Absolutely. Thank you. It was great speaking with you.

Jamie: Thank you so much, Mark. Thank you for having us.

Mark: Yeah. And, I’m sure we’ll see each other next time, huh?

Melissa: Absolutely. You know it.

Mark: Make this is a regular show.

So, folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.