A wonderful interview with the CMO of TIBCO software. They are doing marketing right, totally focused on the client and truly partnering with sales.

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You can find their blog here.

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Mark: We just finished interviewing Ted and Michael and I thought of bringing Thomas on board real quick. So, Thomas is their CMO and Thomas is doing stuff I’m watching much other companies struggle with. Thomas is here engaging with TIBCO’s clients.

Hey, Thomas.

Thomas: Hey. How are you?

Mark: I’m very good. So, let’s talk a little bit. So, you’re the CMO, so you’re in charge of marketing, but you come across more as a sales guy than anything. I mean you’re worried about the clients, the front relation with the clients.

Thomas: So, first of all sales is my background. I spent a lot of time at TIBCO in the sales organization. The other aspect is if we want to be relevant with the audience, we have to meet the audience. One of the strengths of TIBCO is really work very closely with the customers, develop solutions with them really look at their challenges and try to solve them and that’s gold for us in marketing taking those great stories, using also the voice of the customer will then be relevant with the others, that of course is a recipe for great content and great engagements.

Mark: Yeah. And so, watching interactions here at the Energy Forum your customers don’t look at you as a vendor, your customers look at you as a partner. Now, I know you’re – that’s on purpose, can you talk a little bit about that?

Thomas: Sure. It is indeed on purpose and that’s the reason of the success of such event is that we have created this community over the 11th edition of the – of the Energy Forum. And seeing Michael O’Connell, our chief data scientist sitting by the customer in the panel was absolutely great because he’s worked with most of them. We’ve worked with most of the customer here around here. We have also a few prospects and of course lots of partner.

But, yeah, we’ve solved those challenges together we shared for the rest of the oil and gas community, so that’s great. And that’s really the position that we wanted to have with our customers, it’s not only the point is not only to sell integration or analytics or whatever, it’s really to help them solve their challenges and define the right solution for them. And very often it’s the solution that it will start building that they will keep on evolving to address new challenges, so we are usually partner for the long run with our customers.

Mark: Yeah Great job for marketing department for a technology company. So, Thomas if anybody out there wanted to learn more about TIBCO, where should they go?

Thomas: Well, of course our website, TIBCO.com in which you have most of the content that we show in those events. Big channels also for us are our blog. We have a blog where people like Michael O’Connell and Ted Brown have their regular post around various industries and technologies that we provide. We also try to capture as much of the experience and the knowledge of those people to put it on YouTube. There’s nothing easier to consume than a three-minute video, so we do a lot of these, so do check our YouTube channel.

Mark: Yeah. And, folks we’ll put links in the show notes so you won’t have to be writing stuff down. Well, Thomas thank you so much for your time.

Thomas:  Thank you, Mark.

Mark: Folks, I hope this helped, we will see you next time.