Top 5 things to maximize your time at OTC. Part 1 of a 2 part series to make sure you get the most out of the Offshore Technology Conference 2014. Plus find out how to get over 19,000 free oil and gas contacts by subscribing to our blog.

Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry, shall we?


All right. This is a two-part show, this is the first part on maximizing your time at OTC, the Offshore Technology Conference. I fully expect over 100,000 people to show up this year. It’s probably be one the biggest ones in the history of OTC. So if you have any interest in the oil and gas industry, you better be there. So, let’s talk about the five things to help maximize your time.

Number one. Networking. And because that is such a big thing, we’re going to save that for the second half of the show.

Number two. Have something you can share, something new whether you have a job promotion, your company has a new product or service or you have a bit of research that’s cutting edge and breaking news. You need to have something new ‘cause nothing is a better conversation story than your ability to give somebody some information that they see is valuable which in turn means they’ll see you as valuable.

Number three. Size up your competition. Years ago when I worked for the phone company Bell South, I made a point to go introduce myself to my competition, it drove them crazy, but you need to know what your competitors are doing so that you can stay in the game. So there’s nothing wrong with using OTC to go size up your competition.

Then next, make sure you see the latest and greatest. The expo floor is going to be packed with technology, process, new systems, all kinds of stuff. You need to pay attention to what’s new on the market ‘cause somehow it could affect your business.

And then finally, come early and leave late. Houston is a wonderful city and this is the beautiful time of the year. If you get here early and stay a day or two after, you can end up setting meetings with the people that you meet at OTC after it’s all over.

So, and then also remember, the week after OTC, we’re giving away over 19,000. Yup, 19,000 oil and gas contacts. And there’s a story behind this, it goes back to one of our earlier blogs. But basically, we know for a fact that the contacts is not what helps you sell in oil and gas, right? It’s your ability to address a problem to describe it to understand who has that problem and then understand who recognizes the value of solving the problem.

So to prove a point, we’re giving these contacts away. Stay tuned, sign up for our blog and you’ll be notified, but it’s the week after OTC is when we’re going to give it away.

So, hope this helps. We’ll see you in part two.