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Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

All right. Today, we’re going to talk one of my favorite events all year long. This is the 14th Annual World LNG and Gas Series, the Exhibition Summit. It’s going to take place here in Houston in a couple of weeks, June 7th to 9th and it’s at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

If you touch LNG, if you touch natural gas, if you touch the oil and gas industry, you need to go to this event. This is one of the premier events, so we make sure that we go to every year. You have some of the top LNG experts in the world in one place presenting on a variety of topics, things that are interesting to the business. So, things like sales opportunities and emerging markets, the US production outlook for LNG, the global new world of LNG marketing, what’s the supply globally and the demand balance, right? For this year and next year. So, all really fascinating stuff around the business of LNG and gas.

Now, the thing that I find fascinating about this and I had an interview this morning with Sofia Barros. I hope I got your name right, Sofia. She’s basically the conference producer over there and one of the things that she told me is that they’re bringing in buyers and sellers together in one place, so you actually had deals being made on the show floor. How cool is that?

So, if you’re looking for new business opportunities, if you’re looking to network, if you’re looking to learn about the LNG industry, this is the place to go. I will stick a link in the show notes so you can go sign up. I’ll be there. I’ll actually be there as press. Hit me up on Twitter if you’re going, I’ll connect to you in person, but you need to go to the show.

Hope to see you there. I hope this helped and we will see you next time.