The oil & gas industry buys differently than any other. So once your targets are identified, how do you get in front of those people? Where is the “low hanging fruit”? How do you tell your story in their language, through their eyes? What events do they attend? What prospecting tactics give you the best ROI? How can your company be seen as a thought leader by the oil & gas industry?

We take all of this and more, and develop a clear and actionable implementation plan. With timelines, critical path, resources, costs, risk management and sales strategy that your team can actually execute. All built around the stakeholders of the oil and gas industry (your targets).

The end result is quicker revenue generation, with less costly mistakes and wasted time.



All right, let’s talk a little bit about executable sales strategy for oil and gas. And notice we use the word executable. There’s a lot of companies and academia out there that will help you build sales strategy, but it won’t fit your sales force or the dynamics of your team. We only produce stuff that’s “rubber hits the road” executable.

Our sales strategy is based upon our market research. Once we identified the targets and the value, we then figure out how to get your sales team in from of those people. And we also put this together in a “low-hanging fruit” order so you get the biggest bang for your buck, quickly. Who’s going to buy from you the quickest and who’s going to be the most difficult to sell to. Imagine how valuable just that one little bit will be for your sales team.

Then we help you get your messaging across. And messaging that working in Oil & Gas specifically. So we tell your story, but through your target’s eyes. With their words, definitions and stories that are important to them. And then we help you with other marketing strategies as well. So not only can we help you build spot on buyers personas based upon our research, but we also can help you with things like events.

Once your target is identified, what events do they go to? Where are they most active? What is your company’s best return on investment for these events? Should you sponsor breakfast or lunch track? Should you do a booth? Should you do a webinar or host a cocktail event? We help you figure all that out, so your drive sales not marketing spend.

The goal is to grow your top line with Oil & Gas customers. Our track record shows we drive significant sales numbers for our clients. So that’s what we mean when we say executable sales strategy in oil and gas.