• January 10, 2015
  • Mark LaCour
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Part one of a three part series on how to sell to the Oil and Gas industry. This episode we talk about the changes in the buyers journey and what a salesperson need to do to adapt. For the free infographic click here: buyersjourneyinfographic_sales

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Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.


All right. We’ll start off the new year a new sales year in oil and gas and we’d thought we’d hit some of the basics, so we’re going to do a three-part series. We’re just going to jump right into it, so here’s the first part of a three-part series. We’ll talk about how the buyer’s journey has changed.

So, you’ve probably seeing research where it says about 70% of the buyer’s journey has been completed by the time they engage with a salesperson. Well, that’s for the world at large. We actually measure this ourselves and in oil and gas it’s going to be at 55%.

Now, think about that. That means that as a salesperson you really need to change your game, you can no longer count on being able to start the conversation with your prospects from ground zero. By the time they engage with you, they’ve already done their research.

Now, the reason that has changed of course is technology, with the internet and social media. And I know a lot of these big buyers in oil and gas, a lot of the senior procurement decision makers, they’re personal friends of mine, we work together all the time and I’ve seen their business change.

In the old days, they actually had vendors they had reach out for to get knowledge about whatever the vendor’s product was that they could use to figure out what they needed to buy. Well, now, they do everything online, so I’m telling you as a salesperson you need to figure this out and learn how to adapt yourself to the new buyer’s journey.

The problem is a lot of oil and gas salespeople when they engage with their clients, still want to start at the beginning and their client is already 55% down the road. So you got to be nimble and instead of starting from the beginning and trying to educate your clients, what you need to do is validate their research and then give them some more tools and information they may need and have open conversation about how you can help them solve real business problems. Right?

If you don’t make these adaptations in oil and gas, you’re going down the road start struggling and you’re going to flounder and you’re going to eventually fail. You need to change the way you sell. So, hopefully this helps. We’re going to throw in a free infographic in this blog post to help you understand how the buyer’s journey has changed.

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So, folks, I hope this helps, we will see you next time.