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Mark:  Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

All right. Today, we’re sitting here with Braulio with Petrolessons. How are you doing today?

Braulio: I’m doing great.

Mark: Good to have you join us here. We – it’s — Braulio has this very interesting company that touches a lot of stuff that is actually issues in oil and gas industry. So, Braulio, tell me a little bit about your company and what does it do?

Braulio: Yes. So, our company comes to as a response to the big crew change, right? That’s affecting the oil industry for years and nobody has been able to really find a solution for it. So, we offer a platform where any oil and gas professional any training center universities they can put courses on the platform and sell it worldwide, make it available on demand when people can take those courses with a touch of button.

Mark: So, if I’m a company and I have training material and I want to try to make some money off of it, I can engage with you, that’s one of the things that you do?

Braulio: That is correct. They can publish their courses on the platform for free and we split the profit, 70% goes to the authors the content owners and 30% stays with us.

Mark: That’s awesome. That’s almost like free money, right? If I have existing content out there. But you also do something much bigger in that. Let’s talk a little bit about if I’m a major oil and gas company and I have some projects going on and I want to make sure I can take that project information and train other people later, you can actually help with that as well?

Braulio: That is right. We have a private label offering where companies can have their own instance of the platform and now, they can capture internal knowledge, put it in video courses and distribute internally. They can also drag and drop content from the global platform and distribute to their workforce. So, there’s – it’s a big game changer here how companies are going about training their employees.

Mark: So, you bring a team and you basically turnkey this? If I have a big project going on, you just shadow me and you gather the data and develop the media and everything and build this course for me?

Braulio: That is correct. We can deploy a turnkey solution where we give you a consultant to work with you and identify the gaps in training and then knowledge transferring within your company. Then we do a strategy of how we are going to, you know, where the key knowledge owners are, capturing their knowledge creating courses and then building the library of courses.

Mark: Yeah. That’s awesome. But you also do something more than that, right? So, everybody out there has a press – has a learning management system, something we call at LMS. You actually can modernize the LMS, can’t you?

Braulio: Right. The thing with LMS, the LMS in general were created for administration folks, right? It’s not very user-centric. Petrolessons is very user-centric to make people want to learn, you know, create that desire of going after the information and really recycle knowledge, create, you know, gain skills. So, it’s a different take on how knowledge is transferred.

Mark: Yeah. And with a name like Petrolessons, let me guess, you’re only focused on oil and gas industry?

Braulio: That is correct. We are – it’s all about oil and gas and the topics can range from engineering to safety, HR, you name it, anything oil and gas we will have on the platform. The idea is to have the largest library of oil and gas courses on the internet.

Mark: Man, that is awesome. So, if somebody wanted to learn more about Petrolessons, where should they go?

Braulio: You can go to and they can get in touch with me,

Mark: Yeah. We will put your contact information because there are some strange people that follow our show. But we will put a link up to you website.

So, Braulio, thank you so much for your time.

Braulio: Thank you for having me.

Mark: Yeah. Folks, I hope this helped, we will see you next time.