Learn how a 1 month old start up has already secured 17 oil and gas clients. Meet Jeremy and Jeff with CoreBIDZ. A couple of medical sales guys that came up with a great idea, and went to market successfully. Something that many people would tell you is impossible in the oil & gas market. Of course the people that would say that are wrong 😉
If your looking to sell your products or services to the oil & gas operators, they can help.
If your an operator looking for service providers, they make things ridiculously easy for you as well.
This interview is a perfect example of how easy it is to sell your products or services into the oil & gas industry (as long as you know what you are doing)!


Transcript of Session –

Mark:                          Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry, shall we?


So today, I’m sitting here with Jeremy and Jeff with COREbidz and we’re going to do a quick little interview about their business. They’re a fascinating little company and it will be good for the audience to hear what they’ve done.

So let me start off a little bit. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about your background?

Interviewee1:           Mark, thanks for having us today. I’ve got a marketing and sales background. I’ve been in sales since — capacity for the last twelve years, but mainly it’s been in healthcare for the last eight years. And recently, got into the oil and gas industry about eighteen months ago, then we kind of came up with the concept for COREbidz.

Mark:                          So, tell me – tell me how you came up with the idea for COREbidz?

J                                   Really it kind of form around my wife who was working at [bleep] at the time and I just saw kind of a need to – the way things were done weren’t very efficient. She kind of spend a lot of her time on the, you know, the top 20% clients and she really wasn’t able to focus on some of the smaller guys and, you know, something clicked and I said I think we can – we can find a way for these little guys to get, you know, noticed as well as getting more business for you.

Mark:                          All right. So can you all explain what does COREbidz actually do?

Interviewee2:           So COREbidz is really a platform or medium that allows the connection of companies and to be more specific within the oil and gas industry, service companies such as companies that provide chemicals, tanks connects them the operators for the drilling companies and allows them online to connect so that they can – drillers can get access to more service companies and then service companies can get access to more revenue.

Mark:                          Wow. So it sounds like it’s a win-win for almost everybody.

Interviewee2:           Yeah, absolutely. No doubt.

Mark:                          So who would use COREbidz?

Interviewee1:           Right now our main focus and the biggest benefit is going to be to your operators that are — the mid to smaller size companies that don’t necessarily have the time or a procurement department, you know, to go out there and access all these service providers. And then, on the service side, it’s any service company that is looking for new business where it’s just trying to, you know, either someone just new just trying to get a foothold on the door or companies who are trying to increase their portfolio.

Mark:                          Okay. And so, if you had to tell me what is the value for your customers, what benefit do they get out of using COREbidz?

Interviewee2:           Well, for the operators and the drillers, the benefits and values would be it’d be more efficient for them if they – suppose they were opening three or four new rigs in different states and they didn’t have access to service companies out there. Instead of hiring someone to find all those service companies or making phone calls or seeing service or sales guys coming their office, they can go to COREbidz request quotes for all the business they may have on those without even leaving their office or their computer. Very efficient, the business is done.

For service companies, they get access to all these operators and drillers that may have not gotten access to, had never been able to get in their office before, they get an alert, they see these jobs that are posted, they can bid on it, whereas they may have never been able to do that before.

Mark:                          Wow. That’s revolutionary. So, let’s change the subject a little bit. How the hell did you find me?

Interviewee1:           Actually, through the University of Houston. There was an individual, I was up there looking for an intern and one of your former interns said there’s this guy that you’re going to have to call if you’re going to be in the oil and gas business, you need to talk to Mark. And met you at the Starbucks and we’ve been – you’ve been kind of mentoring us and helping us out since then. So, really been one of the best contacts that I’ve made since I started in the industry.

Mark:                          Yeah. And I really didn’t pay them to say that. So, if somebody wanted to find out more about what COREbidz does, where would you send them?

Interviewee1:           They can go to our website at www.corebidz.com or they can reach out to us at 832-655-2402 and we’d be happy to talk with you and maybe tailor a business and show you how this would work better for your business and help you, you know, increase your efficiency.

Mark:                          So folks, we’ll also put a link underneath this post so you can just click on go straight to it.

So, one final question. What would you all say to all these people out there that say there’s no way that a small startup business can penetrate the oil and gas vertical?

Interviewee1:           I’d say think again. We’ve – we’re fairly new, we’re a[month]out of the gate. We’ve already seventeen clients. The industry is very – has been very receptive to our ideas and it’s just a friendly industry. People are very willing to help you, they’re very interested in talking about new ideas and anything that’s going to help them to make their daily activities and routines work more efficiently, they’re all about it.

So, we found that it’s not as hard as you think. It’s definitely achievable.

Mark:                          So, yeah, thanks both of you for your time.

Folks, hopefully this helped. We will see you next time.