• May 29, 2014
  • Mark LaCour
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The order in which we put things matters very much. I stole the “mindset, skill sets, and tool kit” framework from my friend Gerhard Gschwandtner over at Selling Power.

Mindset must come first. The reason most salespeople–or sales organizations, as the case may be–fail to produce the results they want is due to their mindset. We produce poor results when we have poor or unhealthy beliefs. The right skills and the right tools in the hands of someone with the wrong mindset are worthless.

Here’s a quick example. Let’s say you have a powerful sales process. Your process helps you better help your clients, and it massively improves your chances of winning. If a salesperson doesn’t believe that the outcomes documented in your process are important, they won’t use it. Teaching them the skills and providing them with the tool are useless.

Skill sets come second. There isn’t any reason to provide someone with the tools without providing them with the training they need to be effective use the tools. Here’s an example that makes this easy to understand.

Let’s say you have a killer, disruptive presentation that helps you to help your dream client to recognize the need to change. That presentation in the hands of someone without the business acumen and situational knowledge to effectively tell the story–and engage in the necessary dialogue–isn’t as valuable as it might be.

Tools are the final part of this equation, even though so many salespeople and sales organizations put tools first. Providing a salesperson who lacks the mindset and skill sets with tools does nothing to help them produce better results. It does, however, provide you with the feeling that at least you are doing “something.”

Have you ever seen someone without the skills or tools succeed simply because they had the right mindset, taking massive action without really being properly equipped?

Do you know someone who attended a training or a conference where they learned something but then failed to produce better results because they didn’t adopt the mindset?

Have you ever bought “tools” or “apps” believing that they would radically change your results only to be disappointed?

The combination of mindset, skill sets, and tool kits is powerful. Hit reply and share your thoughts, ideas, and stories with me. Where might you need to apply this recipe?

Go into this week with the right mindset above all else!

Anthony Iannarino


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