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Develop into an Oil and Gas Expert in 9 Steps

How to Develop into an Oil and Gas Expert

Today, how to develop into an oil and gas expert. We get asked this question literally two or three times every month, for years. How to become an oil and gas expert. We have people that reach out to us that want to change their careers, and they want to do some of the stuff that we’re doing. So we’re going to rattle off the things you need to do if you want to develop into an Oil and Gas expert.

The first one, and if you have listened to me for any length of time you know this could come out of my mouth – plan. You have to have a plan. Not in your head, but you have to have it written down and it’s something that you need to reference often. You need to have overarching goals and then you need to have those goals broken down into actual things you can actually execute on. And then you need to have those actually broken down into tactical things, things you need to do every day to reach these parts of the goals. If you don’t have a plan, you never will become an expert.

If You Want to Develop into an Oil and Gas Expert, You Must Learn

Next  learn. You have to educate yourself  and the thing I see a lot of people do, especially in our industry is they know part of our industry. And they think that’s the whole industry. So they only focus on the part that they’re in, not realizing that’s only a small percentage of the entire industry. This industry is enormous, and you have to (at least at a high level) learn about the different parts if you want to develop into an Oil and Gas expert.

You have to spend time learning; formal education, seminars, classes, online events, conferences, expos, whatever it takes to continuously learn. And something else that you need to do if you want to develop into an Oil and Gas expert. You never, never stop learning. We literally put time in our calendars every month to learn, because there’s always something new to study and pick up. The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop being an expert.

Connect With Other Oil and Gas Experts

Then connect with other oil and gas experts. I have a lot of people I’m connected to, many of them on a different maturity scale than I am. Develop into an Oil and Gas Expert Some of them are just starting their careers, some are the end of their careers. But I always get valuable and useful information out of my network. Your network, your other oil and gas experts you that you connected with. They help make sure you’re current, make sure that you’re aware of things that maybe you weren’t. We talk about learning a little while ago, well they also make sure that you learn the newest things. So having that network of other oil and gas experts, is unbelievably important.

And when you’re starting, especially if you’re just coming in in this industry and you’re trying to establish yourself.  You have to have a broad knowledge, don’t specialize, learn at a high level the entire oil and gas industry.

The industry is made up of bunch of components. Basically you can break this down into upstream, midstream, downstream, and service. Go here to watch a  short video we did years ago. The content is great, but don’t make fun of the quality of the video:-)  It’s really good information to understand the broadness and the scope of our industry. You have to have that broad knowledge. Once you have that broad knowledge, then you can specialize if you want. But start off with a broad knowledge to develop into an Oil and Gas expert.

Practice Makes Perfect

Then like everything else, practice. Whatever you want to be an expert around, you have to actually do it. So in our case it’s speaking. Just helping the companies in their sales and marketing departments hit their goals. We actually do it. When I started doing this, I did a whole bunch of this sort of stuff for free, so I could  get to practice. And even now, and my crew fuss at me sometimes for this, I sometimes do stuff that we don’t get paid for. But it’s part of me practicing my craft. You have to practice.

Then, here’s another one that sometimes you need other people to help you figure out. You need to identify your weaknesses.  So you need to identify parts of your expertise that you’re not very strong in, and that’s where you need to spend your time to. You need to figure out how to take those weaknesses and turn them into strengths. If you don’t identify your weaknesses, you will have gaps in being seen as an oil and gas expert.  Like I said it’s often very helpful if you have other people help point out your weaknesses and gaps.

I’ll give you a great example for us.  I am not the best financial person in the world and I have other people in our organization that help me with that, because it’s a weakness. Now I’ve addressed that weakness. You have to be able to do the same.

Always Check the Source

You know we talked about learning and education. We’re living in a modern information overloaded world and there’s a lot of bad information out there. The information that you consume to help you be an oil and gas expert – check the source, every single time. There is so much misinformation, wrong information, politically influenced info and if you let those bad pieces of information get into your box of tools, then you start making bad decisions based upon bad data. And you’re not seen as an expert anymore. So every time, check your sources.

Here’s one you’ll actually not hear people talk about, but I think it’s probably one of the most important – desire. If you want to be an oil and gas expert, you have to believe in your heart that that’s where your calling is. That’s what you want to be, that’s what you want to do. You have to have a passion around that. If you’ve listened to us any length of time, you’ve seen us speak at any events. You know I have a passion around this industry; I love this industry. I love the stories in our industry, I love the people in our industry, I love the technology in our industry. It’s real and a huge passion of mine. You have to have that same desire.

To Develop into an Oil and Gas Expert Have Fun

And then, quite honestly even though it’s work, have fun with it!  This is a wonderful global industry of people doing business with people. This industry likes to do good stuff for the planet, we like to provide prosperity to the world, but we also like to have fun. So enjoy that part as well. If you want to develop yourself as an oil and gas expert, you have to enjoy the journey. You have to have fun and if you don’t, you won’t ever get there.

So there you go, these are some tips on how you can become an oil and gas expert. If you found this valuable, can you do me a favor? There’s some social share buttons here, just click a couple of them help us share this blog post to more people.

Oil and Gas Experts. 5 Ways to Pick Out the Best

When you need Oil and Gas experts.

Oil and gas experts, five ways to pick out the best. If you’re looking for  an oil and gas experts, there’s a reason and usually that means there’s a problem. Typically a business problem that you can’t solve yourself or maybe you want a different way to solve it. So you need oil and gas experts to come in and help you.

There’s a lot of people out there that claim to be experts on a lot of different things, especially in our industry. But we’ve learned over the years there’s basically five traits that you need to look for, to help you pick out the oil and gas experts that you need.

Oil and Gas Experts Must Have Experience

Number one, experience. There is nothing that can replace hands on experience. Nothing that can replace years and years of doing the same thing over and over again and doing it well. That hands on, executable, rubber hit the road experience is  so valuable. And if the person you’re talking to doesn’t have that experience, go somewhere else.

Now that experience leads us to our next thing, knowledge. A lot of different things make up knowledge. Knowledge is formal education, knowledge is self-taught. Knowledge is things like networking and seminars and traveling and being open-minded. That book of knowledge is all of the tools that your oil and gas expert needs in their tool box. That they then will use in combination with their experience. Either one of them by themselves may give you some street cred, but those two together is the cornerstone of being an oil and gas expert.

Risk Tolerance

Risk for Oil and Gas ExpertsThen, here’s a big one. Our oil and gas industry has very little risk tolerance, and rightly so. Because when we make mistakes horrible things happen, but your oil and gas expert has to have fundamental grasp on his own or her own risk tolerance.  There’s an old saying in business systems that nobody ever gets fired for hiring IBM or SAP. Which is true.

But I’m telling you there’s a whole bunch of companies out there that go out of business because they made the wrong decision. They went down that route of only buying from the big companies. So there’s a balance there, what is the right thing to do, what is the safe thing to do, where is the middle ground? If your oil and gas experts do not have a good grasp on what their own risk tolerance is, they can’t help you make good impactful business decisions.

Creativity. Essential for an Oil and Gas Expert

And here’s one you may have never thought of, creativity. You have to be creative as our industry is facing new issues, new problems, new talent sources, new workforce, new government regulations, new geopolitical risks and new technologies. So the old ways of solving business problems aren’t always applicable anymore. Which means your expert has to have creativity. If they only want to solve problems they way they always have in the past, that won’t be useful anymore. Can he or she take their knowledge, experience, and risk tolerance and combine that with creativity to solve problems? In a way that is more productive and with a larger financially benefit?

Intuition. Hard to Measure but Super Valuable

And then intuition. The intuition thing is hard to measure, that’s your sixth sense.  It’s something that is hard to quantify and it’s not something based upon your formal education. Instead it’s based upon years of doing the same thing, and then your hunches or intuition starts helping you make the right business decisions.

We have this happened to us all the time. I’ll walk into a new company that either asked me to speak or asked me to come in and help them  solve a business issue they’re dealing with. And within ten or fifteen minutes of talking to their executives and leaders, my intuition kicks in and starts pointing me toward the problem. And the thing I think is so cool about this is, a lot of times it’s not something I am consciously aware of. And it’s also not something they’re aware of at all. Because they’re in that company, that world and they don’t see the true root cause of the problem. They see it as something else. So intuition is super, super valuable, but that intuition you only get after years of working in this industry.

There you go, five ways to help pick up the best oil and gas expert; experience, knowledge, risk tolerance, creativity, and intuition.

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Folks I hope this helped. We will see you next time.

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Oil and Gas Expert. 10 Ways to Become One



Oil and Gas Expert, 10 Ways to Become One. People reach out to me all the time they want to know how to become an oil and gas expert and we’re giving you ten ways to get you going.

Oil and Gas expertSo, before we get there though, the first thing is why would you want to be an oil and gas expert? Well, the first reason is you command respect by your peers. You’re seen as an authority figure. Number two, you have the ability to teach and train others, right? And then, finally, because you’re an expert you command premium rates if you’re in the consulting or business world. So those are three reasons why you might want to be an oil and gas expert. Let’s get into the 10 ways to do it.

So, number one, the first thing is you have to figure out what you’re interested in. The oil and gas industry is enormous and you can’t be an expert in the entire industry, so you have to pick in – pick a niche that you have an interest in and it’s really important that you have an interest in it because you’re trying to become an expert and if you don’t have a passion around it, you won’t ever get there, you won’t do the work required, you won’t do the learning. So, first thing is figure out what you’re interested in.

To be an Oil and Gas Expert you Need to Specialize

Next thing is micro specialize. You need to very, very, very niche yourself. Whether you want to be a completions expert or you want to be a sub-sea expert. Or even if you want to be a refining expert. Figure out what that niche is, it makes it easier for you and it’s also going to align better with what you’re interested in.

Then, practice. Practice makes perfect. If you read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, he says it’s about ten thousand hours of practice before you master a task. Ten thousand hours. If you did it full time as a job, that’s a little bit over five years. If you did it part time, it’s ten years before you can master it. But if you want to be an oil and gas expert, you have to practice, practice, practice.

Then, perpetual learning, this is one that we’re a real big believer in. You will never know it all. Ever! If you’re an expert, you’re always learning, so perpetual learning.

Then, transparency. You’ll see me do this on the show, you’ll see me do it on a podcast, you’ll see me do it in person. When I don’t know something, I say I don’t know, that’s what an expert does. And that gives you a place to go learn something new.

Oil and Gas expertsThen, when you actually get the experience and the practice and you have your niche, then you need to actually start making it happen. So, write articles for news sites and publications. That’s a good way to show your expertise and also helps you learn more because you have to do the research for article that you write.

Then, write a book. Take one of your articles and do a deeper dive especially if you have a problem-solution type of book, that will be great. Once again, it will help you become an oil and gas expert. Or, you could also develop an e-course. Once again, showing your expertise.

And then, start speaking, get out in public. A lot of people are afraid of this. I actually love to speak in public. And if you have trouble getting invited to be a speaker, follow somebody. Find somebody that’s an expert that you follow and see if you can speak either before or after them. Also reach out to them and they’ll probably be happy to help you start your speaking career.

Then, get interviewed. Get interviewed on radio shows or podcasts. Once again, if you’re seen as an expert, people will want to interview you and if you’re having trouble getting on radio shows, start with podcasts. A lot of podcasts out there would be happy to interview because they need good content.

And then, finally, build trust. Once you have that domain authority, once you have that expertise, once you spoke, once you’re – get it — wrote a book, you’re now building trust with your audience with the world out there and you need to maintain that trust.

So, there you go, 10 ways to become an oil and gas expert. Hope this helped, we will see you next time.